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11/26/12 3:37 P

In addition to the ones already mentioned,

LOFT has 50% off everything with code TODAYONLY - seems to be some really good deals if you buy from the clearance section
JCrew has 25% off everything plus free shipping with code MONDAY
JCrew Factory (Outlet) has 50% off everything plus free shipping with code YOURGIFT
Anthropologie has free shipping today, no code. I bought a clearance top for $30, which is cheap for Anthro..
Loehmann's online has 40% off everything using code CYBER40
West Elm free shipping

If you're interested in checking out the food I've made and liked, come visit me on Pinterest, and feel free to follow me:
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11/26/12 2:15 P

Kohl's is having a 20% off and free shipping on any amount sale. Code: CYBER20

Eddie Bauer is having a 40% off and free shipping on any amount sale! I got winter coats for my kids at a very reasonable price! Code: ICE

Think Geek is a fun website with lots of nerdy stuff that I love! They are offering free shipping on any order today. No code needed.

Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic is offering 30% off. Code: CYBER

Those are the good ones that applied to me!


11/26/12 2:06 P

oh and also, registration for any Warrior Dash registration is only $35 today.

11/26/12 2:06 P

The Body Shop has 50% their entire site right now plus free shipping over $30. Austin Canoe and Kayak has free shipping on any order including free shipping on Canoes and Kayaks. I haven't bought anything yet because I don't actually need anything, but I really want to need something because I love getting a discount :)

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
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11/26/12 11:03 A

The Coach outlet on line has great deals on right now - 30 percent off sale items with an additional 10%

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
11/26/12 10:32 A

I dont like cyber shopping before Christmas. I will do that for myself a few times in the year but not for Christmas. I hate waiting to get the gift and if something is wrong with it sending it back and so on. Nope not my idea of Christmas shopping.

NEPTUNE1939 SparkPoints: (199,223)
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11/26/12 9:45 A

I use the net occassionaly and use paypal

ARUSHING2 SparkPoints: (26,830)
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11/26/12 9:39 A

We found some reasonable CYBER deals, late last evening after returning from our most recent ( third go at ) "Black Friday" factory outlet . . . " OUTINGS ".

She left the last store well after closing . . . well after 2230 ( the outlet center closed at 2200! ).

Then ( she ) went to a place that closes at 2300 and left after closing!

Refueling was at a franchise "restaurant" that closes at 2400. Yeah, the doors were locked, while we were there yet ! ! !

Got home and compared "cyber" offers against the "Black Friday" purchases and offers. If a person is knowledgeable of the actual base prices ( NOT the MSRP and not the posted "previous" pricing ) one can find some decent deals. That is, if one actually "neeeds" or at least seriously "wants" those items.

We purchase summer and fall clothing now: sandals, shorts, swimming trunks, muscle shirts, short-sleeved shirts of all types, etc. All sports clothing is acquired now, not "in-season". Winter clothing: thermals, boots, woolen wear, etc. we purchase in late spring and summer.

Happy Holidays folks and if you hunt for deals, happy hunting as well.

MOTOMAMA Posts: 2,010
11/26/12 8:57 A

I have gotten a lot of emails as well but the prices seem to be higher than they were before Thanksgiving on a lot of them.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,665
11/26/12 8:31 A

I keep getting them emailed to me but unfortunately, I don't own a credit card!

KKKAREN Posts: 12,152
11/26/12 8:31 A

I'm done with my Christmas shopping and it was all done in store.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/26/12 8:29 A

can't say that I am looking and work has firewalls set up today

RITAROSE SparkPoints: (159,627)
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11/26/12 7:43 A

Did you find any great cyber deals today?

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