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1/5/14 12:14 A

Why does it matter what snacks your mother buys?

You are an adult and you are responsible for what you do and do not eat.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
1/4/14 6:11 A

I am and am looking forward to January 31

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1/4/14 5:29 A

can you buy shoes online - or would the shipping cost be prohibitive?

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
1/4/14 2:01 A

This year CNY falls on the 31st of January. I just downloaded the blogilates app! So I'll be doing a whole lot of Pilates! My running shoes are falling apart so I will have to save up for new ones. Good ones are so expensive. The shoe sales don't help either as they will always be out of my size. Apparently my size is the most common size in Malaysia! So I will have to pay full price! I'm still waiting for the DVD player to be repaired so I can do my workout DVDs again. I have several! Most of them guaranteed to make me sweat!

Actually I need to get new running shoes NOW, but I will just have to be patient because my cash reserves are running low, I will have to save up for them!

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1/2/14 1:03 P

For a country that has "In God We Trust" on its money, it amazes me how many businesses don't observe the holidays anymore. I think Easter Sunday, might be the one religious holiday where many businesses do stay closed. My gym actually closes that day and Christmas.

Mass, Maine and Rhode Island are the only states that don't allow businesses to be open on Thanksgiving. You can open at 12:01am for Black Friday, but not on Thanksgiving. That's the Blue Laws. Also, I suspect it has a little something to do with the fact that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in MA.

In Canada, they get Good Friday AND the Monday after Easter. Many get a four day weekend. When is the last time anyone in the US had Good Friday off ?

During Chinese New Year's, I like going into Chinatown to see the dragon/lion dancers. Bring some protection for your ears. Along with regular folks setting off firecrackers, businesses set off these 10 ft strings of firecrackers. The noise is deafening. But, it's a lot of fun !! I love Chinese New Years !

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (244,886)
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1/2/14 12:30 P

wow - businesses close for an entire WEEK???

Here in the states we can't even get businesses to close for Christmas any more! People should be with their families on Christmas, not working retail!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
1/2/14 12:23 P

Businesses run by Chinese tend to close for a week or more (15 days of CNY), which means, most businesses/shops will be closed for that period. Families tend to cook a lot of food to make sure there's something to eat in this period as most restaurants/cafes will be closed for a week or more. My Mom will stock up on groceries and canned food prior to CNY!

A lot of office workers will take the opportunity to get a long holiday. Some of my ex-colleagues even went on vacations for 2 whole weeks because of CNY! Married couples will give lucky red packets (with a bit of cash in them) to singles, but most couples only give to children and teens. Some ppl even make a rule that they will give to those under 12 only. This is why my haul gets smaller and smaller the older I get (and I'm still single). I can expect a nice bonus from my own parents though! ;)

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,361
1/2/14 10:10 A

the calendar doesn't determine your destiny.... you do.

Go For It

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1/2/14 10:01 A

year of the horse, right?

how big is the celebration? What are the usual activities/events?

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1/2/14 9:57 A

Happy New Year!! Those mandarins sound delicious to me.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
1/2/14 9:02 A

Well, Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming again! Any other Chinese ppl here? I really hope that this CNY will be different for me, and that means no more gaining. Typically, CNY means endless snacking for me, but this year, My Mom is determined not to buy as much CNY goodies! Maybe one crate or two of mandarins and maybe some bbq pork slices and that's it, no more cookies and fried stuff!

Actually, I've made a resolution not the overeat the mandarins either, as they're full of fluid (I'm on dialysis). I really hope the only thing I'll gain this CNY is some cash!

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