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7/16/13 12:29 P

You might like TurboFire better if you aren't feeling worked with TurboJam Or T25 or INsanity might kick your butt too:)

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7/14/13 3:40 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/12/13 4:37 P

As much as I love turbo jam, I don't think it's doing much for me. I want to up the cardio ante but worried about my knees as a former sports injury makes them ache a little.
I just find turbo jam is great but I don't feel wasted after and I don't think it's contributing to my weightloss :/

LONG LIVE THE HOURGLASS ha. Glad that everyone is getting results and not losing what they were blessed with (:

ELIZABETH5268 SparkPoints: (52,610)
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7/12/13 3:03 P

I do TurboFire and just received ChaLean Extreme and was told it is amazing. I have lost fat and toned up a lot in the last two months since starting TurboFire but like some others have said I didn't really have a choice where the fat came off. I still have a trouble area on the back of my arms and no matter how much toning I do I cna't "target it" vs my but or anythign else and over time I learned why and that I can't change it. I can continue to tone it which DOES make it look better but it's probably never going to be hard or lack all flab and that's just the way it is.

I wouldn't worry about losing your figure, I am sure Chalene's videos will only enhance the beauty in your figure!

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
7/12/13 11:09 A

I have an hourglass shape, which I love. I've always had a small waist and hips. I think Turbo Jam really helps you maintain your shape because the moves work the waistline. It makes me feel powerful as well.

7/11/13 5:57 P

I love turbo jam too!! Been doing it since 2006 & they are still the best workout DVD's I have!! Really sucks in my middle!! emoticon emoticon

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7/11/13 11:39 A

Good ta know!

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7/11/13 4:58 A

I'm an hourglass and when I lose - or gain - weight, I lose - or gain - it proportionally...

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7/10/13 4:04 P

Basically, remember that your muscles draw their energy from the blood stream. NOT the surrounding fat stores. Because of that, when you do this or that exercise, it's not going to change your basic body type. Where you lose fat from is determined by genetics; not specific exercises.

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7/10/13 2:01 P

I didn't know about crunches and holding in the stomach more! I'll try that tonight when my nephew goes to bed.
I don't want to overdo my obliques as I like my natural curves but if anyone has advice on ab exercises to do//avoid, that'd be really helpful.
My faves are crunches, planks, leg lifts, Russian twists and v-sits. I seem to manage them comfortably. I need to master press-ups, I am pathetically bad at them HAHA!!

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7/10/13 1:55 P

@CWEDGE, I'm from the sunny UK lol but cos I follow CLX and other American program's I'm used to converting in lbs and st now lol.

This time around I'm eating clean and doing not just CLX but TJ everyday. I have 25lb to lose and hopefully I can lose at least half by Xmas!

I do have a smartphone and try to do stuff like Fitocracy etc but when I do certain challenges like abs - I can't do it on the floor, the pain is ridiculous, so I do TJ abs standing and if I'm warm enough, I'll do crunches, Spider-Man press-ups and leg-lifts.

I'm hoping to do yoga or Pilates DVD at home, purely to help with my core strength and it'll help me do deadlifts without pain in my back.

I love being an hourglass and I wish to maintain in but slim down my legs a little. It's just making sure the exercise I'm doing is benefitting me. As I work in a bar/restaurant which is long hours and irregular eating, I'm trying to master one thing at a time!

CWEDGE11 Posts: 89
7/10/13 10:49 A

Hey Missy..I am reminded of a commercial "Don't believe everything you read on the internet"'s a funny commercial..not sure if you've seen may be in another country since you mentioned stones..just curious what country? emoticon
Anyway..just wanted to reply because I LOVE turbojam workouts. I started it back in 2006 and did it religiously and lost 22 lbs and really shaped up and toned. It had more affect on my body than either other workout and it was fun. I am very hourglass shaped..and it was good for me. So don't worry..keep at it!

BENTOGYRL Posts: 278
7/10/13 10:08 A

Body weight exercises are amazing! I used to have this idea that you had to actually use weights to get results. Not true!

Do you have a smartphone?

I'm using the Six week challenge app, and it gets you to do 100 pushups in 6 weeks, and squats, tricep dips and ...uh situps! I changed it to modified pushups because real pushups are still pretty impossible for me, and to crunches because sit ups kill your neck. But anyway! I've only done them for three weeks and I'm already seeing results.

I mean, I can do 28 crunches in a row, and that's only one of 5 sets. Imagine. And up to 21 squats in a row with good form! Wow! But besides that, did you know that doing crunches means you can suck in your stomach way more than usual? I didn't know that. It's true though, now when I suck in, I can make a cavern, it's kinda freaky and awesome at the same time.

Anyway, body weight exercises are a win and the six week challenge app is cheap and awesome!

MISSY_101 SparkPoints: (46)
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7/10/13 9:13 A

I shall check it out and see how I can incorporate those exercises into my routine. Going to have a look now on Amazon emoticon

Also getting some running shoes and take advantage of the park that I live round the corner from!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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7/10/13 8:10 A

Body weight exercises can also be as challenging as ones with weight plates. "Body by You" is all body weight exercises, the only extra things you might need are a chair, a door, and a towel emoticon

MISSY_101 SparkPoints: (46)
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7/10/13 8:08 A

I saw the rules of weightlifting and thought it looked genius, I need to get my hands on it! I know I need to lift heavier and bulking up is a laughable myth. As stupid as it sounds, I'm scared to lift heavier, I guess it's the challenge and if I've got the strength yet ha, but I'm excited and dying to see what my body can do. Just need to get more weight plates, I've almost ran out so only lifting upto 14lbs dependant on exercise move.

Hopefully my body will decide to shed on the thighs - I always feel heavier on them.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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7/10/13 7:56 A

Trust me, you want to lift heavy when doing strength training. Its the only way you will get stronger and it will *NOT* bulk you up. Women do not have enough testosterone to bulk up from exercise without some serious medical intervention (ie steroids). I've worked my way up to squatting 140# and I've lost inches around my thighs and hips (was a pear, now I'm a nearly symmetrical hourglass). Check out "Body by You" or "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" for 2 very good books on women's strength training.

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7/10/13 7:54 A

Tbh I enjoy my CLX and turbo jam so I'm going to continue. I just found it a bit disheartening that I'd bulk up further on my legs when I'm trying to slim them!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,083
7/10/13 7:05 A

There's not a specific type of exercise that's going to be "bad" for your shape. Your body will decide for itself where it wants to take weight off or put it on. So you should do the exercises that you enjoy and find challenging.

Coach Jen

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7/10/13 5:15 A

My original weight was 24.5st/343lb and I'm roughly half that now and really love my hourglass but haha same as you I barely lost on my boobs, clearly there is a god ha.
I couldn't work out everyday simply cos I would be ridiculously tired but I feel 5x a week is suffice. Just reading that kickboxing cardio or turbo jam-esque exercise is bad for my shape was upsetting as I love the series and wanted to continue!
To be fair I also read "don't lift heavy as it'll increase your muscle mass and bulk you". I didn't realise my testosterone levels were now amped enough to create such an effect :P

Thanks though fellow hourglass! I'm due to do CLX and cardio today and was a bit grumpy when I read the "don't do kickboxing" article lol!

BENTOGYRL Posts: 278
7/10/13 4:59 A


As a fellow hourglass-figured woman.
Do not worry.
Do not worry at all.

Doing strength training decreases your size everywhere EXCEPT your boobs and hips. My hips are huge because my pelvis is huge, not because of any extra fat. My boobs are huge because they just are, and it doesn't matter how much weight I lose they stay the same (or get bigger, go figure), but strength training makes the waist and thighs and all else just get nice and tight.

So yep, strength training is glorious for hourglass figures.
I can cardio my heart out 7 days a week for hours, and still have the same shape.

MISSY_101 SparkPoints: (46)
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7/10/13 4:49 A

Hi everyone!
I'm pretty new here and still getting around the Spark site (which is amazing btw).

I've been blessed with the hourglass figure and as I have 1.5 stone/25lb or so to lose, I was told to do strength training, so I'm following the Chalene Extreme programme and doing her turbo jam series for cardio.
However I've read that turbo jam style cardio is BAD for my hourglass. My concern is a) I love my hourglass - I know, I've said that already b) I don't want to change my figure per se and not wear the fab clothes I already have for my shape c) IS IT TRUE? d) I've read yoga - Iyengar, Bikram - are ideal hourglass cardio.

Any advice would be welcomed - I work in a bar/waitress full time so my CLX is done 3x a week and cardio 2x a week.

I hope that made sense!

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