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6/30/09 11:21 A

I agree with what has already been said, I too am looking at zero loss on the scales but everyone I know says 'you look fitter' or 'you look slimmer' I think that one day I will be surprised by the scales, but I am not dependant on them, my tape measure really tells me the whole story. So just keep doing what works out to be right and... Good luck everyone!

Posts: 234
6/30/09 11:10 A

walking allot and the main thing is I work out 4 times a week with my EA Active for the Wii. I am almost done with the 30 day challenge, finally!

Posts: 478
6/30/09 10:55 A

I am going through the same situation. I have adjusted my eating and dieting, people say Im looking better but when I see the scale hasnt moved downwards (and even sometimes goes UP) I get SOOO discouraged. I guess we just need to really keep reminding ourselves that we are building muscle as well. My question to you is what is your workout regime? How are you burning off all these inches!? I am interested to know!

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6/30/09 8:24 A

Clothes falling off... good. Scale not moving...ignore it. Muscles weigh more but take up less space than fat. You are losing fat and building muscles.

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6/30/09 12:06 A

i wish but not yet

Posts: 31
6/30/09 12:05 A

i think that is what is hapopening to me. i am in smaller clothes but the scale stays the same weight or even goes up some. its real frustrating but i am hanging in there and so should u it will pay in the long run

Posts: 41
6/29/09 10:57 P

I just wanted to say congrats! :)

Posts: 106
6/29/09 10:01 P

I wouldn't exactly say that my clothes are falling off, but I'm actually starting to see some muscle toning and my scale hasn't budged in almost 2 months. But, I got a metacheck today, and I've lost 6% body fat in 2 months.

Time to retire the scale. Keep up the great work!

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6/29/09 9:50 P

A pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat?

I'm sorry, but how does a pound of ham weigh more than a pound of cheese? emoticon

A pound is a pound is a pound.

A pound of fat takes up more space than muscle. If you are replacing fat with muscle, you are essentially taking up less space. Hence the smaller clothes.

Dont be so hung up on the scale...its not the answer to all that ails you.. :)

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Posts: 14,028
6/26/09 9:50 P

I agree with the above posters - most likely what is happenning is that you are burning fat, and adding some lean muscle.

Muscle is considerably denser than fat, and takes up less space. Check out
for a great photo of this. So adding muscle while burning fat means less space for the same weight.

Muscle is healthy, and the rest of the world can see the lost inches. Sounds like you are doing great.

Posts: 3,545
6/26/09 8:08 P

Your on the right track then it seems. As long as your clothes are falling off, who cares what the scale says.

Your building lean muscle, and that takes up less room than fat. 1lb of muscle takes up less space than 1lb of fat, a lb of muscle or an lb of fat stills weighs a lb. you just look better ( lol )
Keep up the great work and the scale will eventualy move for you.

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6/26/09 7:07 P

Interesting, I am just the opposite right now. Scale is dropping faster than I am intending, but the measuring tape isn't showing much sign of budging. I think I feel a bit of difference in my clothes, but not overly noticeable. So my question is just reversed.

Posts: 276
6/26/09 6:59 P

That happened to me, too! I lost loads of weight, and it took forever for my clothes to catch up. Then, when I finally was fitting into smaller sizes, I stopped losing weight! Really strange. It was like my body was readjusting all its weight to different areas.

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Posts: 7,061
6/25/09 1:26 P

I read your post and all I can say is congratulations. If you look and feel better then who cares what the scale says?

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Posts: 20,453
6/25/09 1:21 P

It's not unusual for the inches to drop off long before the scale ever budges. That's perfectly normal.

You have to be patient with your body. The weight doesn't magically drop off the minute a person decides they need to lose.

It could take 6-8 weeks for a person to see results from a healthy weight loss program. The results the contestants on the Biggest Loser get are not typical.

So, don't feel that you should be dropping X pounds in Y weeks. The scale might not budge for weeks. That's okay.

Remember, there are healthy changes being made to your body that don't show up on the scale.

You're decreasing your blood pressure. You're decreasing your blood sugar. You're decreasing your cholesterol. You're IMPROVING your immune system. You're improving your energy.

All of things have been happening since you decided to take better care of yourself. And none of those things you can see on a scale.

So, don't worry if the scale isn't moving, it will before long.

Be patient.

Posts: 234
6/25/09 1:12 P

I certainly hope so, man I have been at the same # for what seems like forever that I will be estatic when the scale finally cathes up!!!

Posts: 2,537
6/25/09 1:06 P

CONGRATS!!! The same thing's happening to me. The scale will stay the same for the longest time, even though my clothes are getting looser, and then the pounds start falling off for a bit. It seems to be some sort of cycle.

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Posts: 79
6/25/09 1:02 P

Muscle takes up less room but is heavier than fat. You are replacing your fat with muscle. Keep it up. Very soon all that muscle will burn even more calories and you will start to see the numbers on the scale. The scale just lags behind a little. Great Job with building muscle!

Posts: 639
6/25/09 12:55 P

You are also firming your body, which slims it. Congrats, enjoy how you feel, and don't worry about the scale!!

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Posts: 31
6/25/09 12:45 P

You are likely gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat. Often the scale won't move, but the inches will come off. Way to go!

Posts: 234
6/25/09 12:43 P

I seriously do not get how the scale is not moving, but my clothes are all of the sudden falling off - while the scale is not moving. Obviously, I am losing inches, but where is it going if I am not losing any weight?

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