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4/14/13 2:58 P

So far number 1 Run for fun, tryin for flyin is winning!

Cast your vote now either here or on the running on our way spark team post!

The forums have now been reorganized and updated for your convenience.

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
Fitness Minutes: (2,976)
Posts: 349
4/13/13 9:24 P

Hello all!
I have been made an administrator of the running on our way spark team. The first thing I was asked to do is reconsider the team name. I am asking 2 favors from other members....if you are not a part of this team PLEASE consider joining!!!!! I am willing to take the time to make this special and fun for everyone. I absolutely hate finding spark teams where posts are old, the leader had abandoned, and things have basically gone to seed. I am ready to awaken this team, add some fun, add some members, encourage each other, and bring life to what will eventually be the BEST spark team on sparkpeople!!!!

The second favor is to take a look at the names we are considering below and please cast your vote by simply hitting reply and typing your favorite name. PLEASE VOTE BY TUESDAY AT 3:00pm. As a new team leader, I only have a week to complete the first list of activities and I would like to have our forum set and ready to go hopefully by Wednesday. Tuesday evening I will tally and let you all know which name got the most votes. Thank you so much for participating!

Here are the team names we were considering. Again, cast your vote by Tuesday at 3:00pm by hitting reply and just type your favorite name.

1. RUN FOR FUN, TRYIN FOR FLYIN (because anyone can join that just wants to have fun, but we also welcome the friendly competitive spirits)
2. WALK THE TALK, RUN THE RUN (love this play on words)
4. FOOTLOOSE! (This one I am not sure about because I don't know if it violates any copyright from Kenny Loggins song...if anyone knows more about those rules, please give us insight, otherwise I think it's a super motivating, fun, and short nice name)
5. ADRENALINE ADVENTURES (AA) (humorous initials :))

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