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5/18/13 3:28 P

You are so cute, Writer! HeeHee, I had to giggle out loud when you said you'd have to crawl first for about an hour. What a tremendous way to think of it~ emoticon I'll have to think just that, when I'm craving one of my many addictions! Oh, and you said how you've gotten past your smoking addiction, I've lately been likening the addiction of food to drug addiction and smoking is alot like that too! "Give me, give me more!!" Oh my, we're all in the same boat and we can overcome!! emoticon

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5/18/13 2:10 P

Seattle 58, hey!

Thanks for your reply. I quit a pack per day smoking addiction 20 years ago. If I can do that, I can do ANYTHING. I keep telling myself that. Seattle, I will get past it, but I may have to do some crawling at first ----- one hr at a time!

SEATTLE58 Posts: 5,606
5/18/13 10:45 A

I can enter in with you having a sugar addiction with eating just one pc. of candy. I felt that I was reading about myself! I can feel such a strong pull to eat another pc. of candy after I've savored the first one. I find that the best thing to do is to not have any in the house or have it in the freezer where I can't see it and walk by it every day!

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5/17/13 9:56 A

Interestingly enough, other than the candy I am into eating whole foods. I love vegetables and rarely eat meat. Dairy products, yes, because I'm not vegan. There have been times in my past when I have been vegetarian ------ for 5 years at a time. I am aware of sugar addictions and I definitely have one. I notice that you said you just wanted the taste. That's an important factor. I'm trying to substitute sugarless gum when I just want the taste,ie, when I can identify it as such.
Thanks for your comments. I will continue battling the sugar cravings. One of these good old days I will find that it's gone.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 59,890
5/17/13 7:44 A

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and activates the same area in the brain, so it is hard to give up. But, if you read the book by Richard Johnson MD "The Sugar Fix" you realize how it suppresses Lipton "The Hormone that says we have had enough" and we can keep eating it. NOT GOOD FOR US. Watch the documentary on YouTube "The MEN who MADE US FAT". I am working at staying away from ALL processed foods. They want to SELL us Oreos, Chips, etc and they add flavors to make us crave it. We overeat and get fat. I learned to spit it out when I have a craving and realized that I just wanted the taste. Doesn't sound pretty, but at least I learned to get rid of night cravings.

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5/14/13 4:46 P

I tracked/ am tracking my diet points today. I ate a few of the small peanut butter snickers candy bars and WOW! did it ever run up my points for the day. 600 points that could have been used more wisely. I guess there will be days when it might be worth it........or not. The important point here is that it opened my eyes to what I was doing.

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