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CATTALYST Posts: 188
3/13/10 9:47 P

Thanks for the direction, Taren....see you there!

TAREN584 Posts: 700
3/13/10 1:03 P

yeah, there is a current group. You can either look up the group couch to 5k or i am a part of a very active group. There are people at all starting points. If you can't find the group, go to my page and look in my groups and you'll find it. Hope to see you there!

CATTALYST Posts: 188
3/13/10 9:46 A

Is there a current group on SP for C25k? I am starting Week 3 Day 1 today, and I'm trying to find folks who are at the same spot. I did a search, but found a bunch of threads from 2007! I'm hoping those people have completed the program by now! haha

CATTALYST Posts: 188
3/13/10 9:45 A

Taren...yeah, you shouldn't run 2 days in a row. Gotta let your muscles repair and rebuild. I have friends who have been running for years and run marathons; and they still run only every other day. Take care, and good luck!

TAREN584 Posts: 700
3/13/10 1:23 A

I had the thought of doing it 5 times a week. I just finished week 1. But I ended up only doing it 3 times. I started tuesday, did another round wednesday and then was so sore on thursday that i just did very light cardio for 30 mins and then picked it back up today, friday, for the last day. I will probably take the entire weekend off from c25k, doing some other form of cardio. I'm really in the mood for swimming right now

CATTALYST Posts: 188
3/12/10 9:34 P

I just finished Week 2 of the C25K. On the in-between days, I just do some power walking. Keeps me in the routine of exercising each day. Fridays are my rest day; no workout at all. I am considering using the Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss DVD on my off-running days, to help strengthen my core and increase flexibility.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
3/12/10 6:57 P

I agree with the other posters - your body needs rest days for your legs to recover and rebuild from the stresses of running.

I'd stick with the 3 days per week. but there is no reason you can't do another type of (low-impact) cardio on the other days.


3/12/10 4:44 P

You should really give yourself the "rest" days between running days. That will let your muscles, bones, and joints recover and rebuild, so they can gain strength.

I agree with IRunBike2BFit: on in-between days, do some lower-impact form of cardio, or do strength training on those days. I used to alternate C25K days with weight lifting days and it worked well for me.

IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
3/12/10 3:50 P

Follow the program as it is written. Having you do the Run/walk work outs are there for a purpose. that is to hopefully keep you injury free. If your doing that program for the weight loss aspect then on the days inbetween the run/walk workouts is do other non/low impact fitness workouts, such as Weights for Strength training - toning up your muscles for effecient calorie burning. just walk (no running) Bicycling either out doors or on a Stationary, Elliptical or Swimming. Be sure to give yourself at least 1 day of complete rest-No workouts. Try to get to bed early with at least 7 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep. so that your well rested and that you body has time to repair and build the muscle tissues.

Hope that helps! Good Luck.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/12/10 3:05 P

Running places a lot of strain on your muscles and joints, especially if you're just taking it up. So it is strongly recommend not to run every day.

SARAHTX Posts: 46
3/12/10 2:47 P

Has anyone done this program every day instead of 3 days? I'm not a complete novice or super couch patatoe so I don't find it super challenging just yet.
Is it bad to do it every day or 6 days a week?

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