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9/22/10 10:26 A

Thank you everybody for your advice--I really appreciate everything you all had to say. I wanted to update you guys also. I decided lastnight that there was no way in hell I was going to go running in the rain and dark at 9:30 pm after a long exhausting day. So what I did was stuck to my original workout plan of getting in 1 hr/6 days a week in the mornings, and I woke up early this morning like usual and booked it to the gym. When I got there, I started on the treadmill and did the 1st C25K workout which lasted only 30 mins. Then I did some low intensity cycling on the bike, for the next 30 mins. I must say I feel amazing this morning, better than I've felt ever probably. I feel like there is an electrical current running somewhere through my body. I am calm and relaxed, but my body just feels indescribably well.

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9/22/10 10:16 A

Wow that sounds really awesome, and I wish we had a cool run like that in Texas but thanks for the awesome advice. That's true, if I go ahead and commit to something now, It'll hold me more accountable I think. I will see what's coming up in the next couple months to do! Good luck with your goals and thanks for replying to my post!

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9/21/10 10:30 P

I'm probably going to the be the slowest on record to get from couch to 5k. Started with 3 30-second intervals of running in a 30 minute walk. Up to 6 minutes (still 30- or 40- second intervals). I love it.

Like some of the others, I don't do much other cardio those days (not the length of the workout, but the intensity, for me, is the reason). I DO do my strength on those days, and it's working nicely so far.

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9/21/10 10:13 P

I've started the c25k program and I am really enjoying it. however at the moment I am finding that plus other stuff I used to do as cardio is a bit much so I am cutting back for awhile. (ie I had 60 minutes of cardio planned the c25k is only 30 so I was trying to do another 30 at something else to make the numbers) at least until I am farther in the program. I want to be successful at this. ALL advice points against pushing it too far so I won't.

Good luck on your running adventures!

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9/21/10 6:42 P

I did it and did a 5K run in june, then stopped emoticon

Started back up TODAY at week 3 (apparently I haven't let myself go THAT much emoticon ) and am back at it!!!!

I'm doing a 5K on October's a hallowe'en one in a "haunted" park...(like really haunted, from an old village that used to be there, and bodies in coffins were found washed up from a river that eroded the banks of where the village--and i assume--their cemetary was)....

thought it would be cool....

Try finding a run you want to do in 2 months to keep you on track!

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9/21/10 6:19 P

I second Nancy's comment. Build gradually. I like runners to have a good walking base, and then start adding running. Too much Too soon is a formual for injuries.

Don't think I am a fraid to run long and far, and even reasonablely fast.

My first and foremost run safe.

Good running and be careful out there.


9/21/10 6:14 P

I started the program in the spring, but fizzled out at week 5 due to heat (Florida). I recently started it over and am on Week 2. I love the program. I used to joke that I only run when being chased, but I have discovered that I really enjoy it. I have the program downloaded to my Zune.

I should add that on my C25K days, the only other cardio I do is an extra 30 of just walking. I don't want to over-do it, but I want to get an hour of cardio in on my cardio days.

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9/21/10 6:08 P


I would highly recommend that you stick to running only on the days you do the C25K. Trying to do too much too soon can lead to an overuse issue which is one of the biggest factors that can lead to injuries, especially in a new runner.

You cannot rush the process to become a runner and one of the biggest mistakes a runner (new and seasoned alike) make is not allowing enough recovery time between runs. This doesn't mean you can't cross train on your non-run days, you just want to stick with running on your run days.

I wish you well on your program. Running is what finally allowed me to bust through a 9 month long plateau over 4 1/2 years ago.


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9/21/10 5:19 P

I don't see a problem with doing C25K in addition to another workout, but if your other work out is really high intensity, it might not be a good idea. Your muscles need rest from high intensity exercises to avoid injury. But if it's low impact, it should be fine.

Just keep in mind that rest days are really important for recovering and improving your fitness. Take it slow and don't try to do too much, too soon.

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9/21/10 5:03 P

Haven't heard of it but I to would love to become a runner can you tell me where you found the info? Than

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9/21/10 4:58 P

Has anyone tried this program? If so, do you like it and how has it helped you? I have heard so much about it and am so excited to start because one of my passions is to become a runner. I know that must sound weird because I am not currently a runner but I dream of having the endurance and fitness level of a runner some day. So, after hearing so much about it from some people on SP, I researched it a lot today and I like the program-- its absolutely free, and even has an Iphone app I will definitley make use of while I'm doing this. I want to know if anyone's lost a bunch of weight doing this program as well? The only concerns I have is that I workout at 5:30am in the mornings and do not want to skip the gym for this, so I will be adding this into my routine now, but doing it in the later part of the evenings but only 3x a week. My gym workouts are 6 days a week and 3 of those, I will do the walking/jogging/running intervals at nights.

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