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8/25/13 4:10 P

doctors are always going to err on the side of being conservative when giving advice for PP exercise.

You can do what you feel like, as long as it doesn't cause bleeding to restart or hurt your incision.

I know someone who restarted running less than a week after a c-section..but she's also run a 50K while pregnant so obviously not everyone can do this..but I am telling you this to say that you do NOT need to sit on your butt for 6-8 weeks if you feel up to it either.

8/25/13 1:59 P

I did as much as I felt I could. If it caused incisional pain or low pelvic pain, I stopped immediately. I do not remember when I REALLY started to workout (it was 2009), but by my second child's 1st Birthday I was 20 pounds under pre baby weight.
Congrats on the new addition! And remember, walking is still a workout...

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8/25/13 1:40 P

Anyone who has had a C-section, what workouts did you start with when you started working out again, and how long after? I am almost 4 weeks post C- Section, and my doctor said nothing more than walking with the baby until 8 weeks. After that she said I can do what I feel up to. So what did you guys do?

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