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5/10/13 3:03 P

I have had two c-sections and am finally (in the last 6 pounds) seeing it go. Obviously you have to burn the fat off, strenghth training, and I also do Pilates, which I think makes a big difference in the strength and - hey - appearance of my abs. If I eat too much sodium, too much fat (like a burger and fries, which is uncommon now), drink a lot of carbonated anything (even mineral water), or fail to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, I get bloated by the end of the day and look like I'm five months pregnant, LOL. So I bet you're on the right track--it's just probably going to be the last thing to go!

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5/10/13 2:41 P

I agree with what the other ladies said, but I also use a sweat belt. It helps shape you as you lose weight and helps reduce water weight.

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5/10/13 9:01 A

Mine has decreased dramatically! I still have a very small one, but I still have probably 45-50 pounds to lose, so eventually, I am sure it will be gone.

Like any exercise, you can't spot reduce. Fat reduction comes from cardio and your diet. The saying, "Abs are made in the kitchen" is correct.

Focus on your diet. Make sure you are eating lots of whole, healthy foods and cutting back on the processed foods. Eventually you will get there.

Also, your belly holds a lot of water weight, so if you eat a high sodium diet, you could be retaining water there as well.

I don't know what you still hae to lose, or what your body type is either.

Me? When I gain, the first place it goes is my thights, bottom and hip area. So, it is harder for me to lose it there. It DOES come off, but slower than the rest of my body. If you gain weight more in your upper body and middle, then it will be slower to come off there for you. Again, it will come off, it will just take time. My sister in law gains weight on her upper body way more than her lower. Her thighs and legs aren't much larger than mine. However, she could barely fit into pants a few sizes up because her stomach is large, and her shirts are 3-4 sizes larger than me, because of her arms and upper body, where I don't carry as much weight.

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5/10/13 6:28 A

You can't. Other than having surgery.

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5/9/13 8:23 P


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