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LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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Posts: 2,545
11/11/13 12:46 P

Buy a single serving size.

I'm a bargain shopper, I use coupons, I compare price per servings/oz etc. It is very hard to not do that with everything. But then I think of how expensive it will be to replace my wardrobe...

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,168
11/11/13 11:39 A

buying in bulk is great for a family, but if you are just a couple or single, then it's a trade off for a lot of items.
A lot of items would go stale by the time I got back to them and the idea of eating the same thing over and over, doesn't appeal to me. Sometimes, buying what's on special sale at the supermarket gives me bulk prices at smaller sizes.
If I buy a food item that tempts me...and it doesn't even need to be a trigger food...I tend to eat more of it than I should. What I save buying bulk, I would gladly have paid to cut those extra calories and lose the weight.
If you are going to buy in bulk, make sure what you buy is something healthy and non-perishable (in your house at least).

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
11/11/13 11:13 A

I think buying in bulk is smart. Great ideas here!!

BLUEHERON2C Posts: 2,403
11/11/13 10:53 A

We buy in bulk from Costco but only healthy foods - works like a charm for us.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
Fitness Minutes: (12,395)
Posts: 1,764
11/8/13 6:27 P

I am only buying what I can eat while I'm on a weight lose plan...if its not in the house, you most likely will not eat it!!
I do buy in bulk so I have plenty of good and healthy things to indulge in. emoticon

MLAN613 Posts: 17,778
11/8/13 5:23 P

Honestly, I buy healthy things like yogurt, fruits, and veggies in bulk at Costco or Target or wherever I am shopping. My husband and I go through it quickly enough. I do usually buy the single serve yogurts just because it's easier and portion controlled.

If I am really craving a treat, I will buy a small bag of chips or 1 single candy bar and enjoy it. I know it's more expensive to spend 95 cents on a candy bar at work but I cannot buy a multi pack and safely keep it anywhere, be it home or at work.

LYNNR001 SparkPoints: (253)
Fitness Minutes: (36)
Posts: 11
11/8/13 5:22 P

I guess it depends on what I buy in bulk. There are some things I can't buy at all and some that I might be able to buy one serving......this food thing is an addiction ...just as hard to break as drugs.

11/8/13 4:56 P

Wow, I do a combination of these things as well!

I will keep certain things at work, especially because it keeps me away from the vending machine. So healthy versions of snack bars and fruit cups.

I hardly ever buy candy, but if I do I get the "best" one and freeze it. I've been getting this Lindt dark chocolate one with the orange flavor. I freeze it, and when I want a square I have it there. I usually have one square a week. I think it costs $1.99 but when I think of all of the candy I don't buy anymore it's a good deal.

Trigger foods cannot come into the house AT ALL! This would be chips, pretzels and salty snacks. Pop chips, Pirate's Booty and all the other "healthy" snacks go too. I even eat the stale crackers and the ones I don't like. I cannot be around them or I eat them all immediately. Period.

Pizza I try to always make myself, so while it is one of those foods I have trouble with, I make it myself and try to make it special, so I appreciate it more. And use good ingredients. I still over eat a little, but lately I have been taking a second helping it and freezing it for lunch the next day. I found if it's not frozen I will eat it anyway. Who doesn't like cold pizza?

For bulk food I do buy frozen unbreaded chicken breast filets, fruits and vegetables, IQF shrimp and fish. Canned beans, brown rice, pastas, chicken broth, etc. Other than that I really shop weekly.

Once my son moves out, I will probably have even less in the house. I still cook 4 portions of dinner every night, DH, myself and DS and one for work the next day. It will be half come Dec 1.

SPARKEMME SparkPoints: (12,674)
Fitness Minutes: (5,158)
Posts: 7
11/8/13 4:44 P

Thanks for all the replies. It helps to get others input.

MEGMEG2216 SparkPoints: (7,570)
Fitness Minutes: (2,505)
Posts: 104
11/8/13 12:27 P

I shop once a week and the only foods I buy in bulk are the dry things like rice and beans. The only time I buy candy is for my son and I usually buy him just enough to eat right away or I buy him something I don't like so I don't get tempted to eat it with him.
If you feel like you have to have a treat try and choose a better option like fruit. If you want the candy buy the smaller portion even if it costs a little extra. You can buy a whole candy bar and cut it up into pieces. It tricks you into thinking you are getting more and you can save some for later.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/8/13 12:03 P

If you are using your "treat" foods as intended - that is, as an *occassional* indulgence, then you don't need to worry about getting the best deal. In fact, going for the better deal is actually costing you money...

Chocolate bar - 95 cents
Chocolates (equivalent of 2 bars) - $1

If you rationed out the chocolates over two weeks, you'd save 45 cents a week... big woo! That's not enough of a savings to compensate for the stress you have to deal with all week trying to talk yourself out of eating it right away. AND as you point out, you always end up eating the whole dollar's worth in short order, anyways. So your "deal" cost you a nickel plus added 300 calories of unplanned treats to your week.

Buy the things you regularly eat, the good healthy everyday-ordinary foods in bulk. Make yourself work a little harder and pay a little more for the "treats" - adding a bit of a barrier to treat-consumption will help you keep control over them.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
11/8/13 10:21 A

If it is a problem for you to stop at just 1 item then I would buy less, choose a different treat item or share the extra with other people right away.

I saw a tip somewhere where the person kept their candy or treat somewhere away from home. If you have somewhere outside of your home that you do not go every day that might work.

I only buy food once per week. There are some foods that are difficult for me to have in the house without overdoing it so I do not buy them often or at all.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 15,872
11/8/13 10:15 A

is it really a "bargain" once you factor in increased health costs etc

SPARKEMME SparkPoints: (12,674)
Fitness Minutes: (5,158)
Posts: 7
11/8/13 10:12 A

Freezing food is a great idea. Thank you.

SPARKEMME SparkPoints: (12,674)
Fitness Minutes: (5,158)
Posts: 7
11/8/13 10:08 A

Thanks for that. Thinking of fruit as a treat is a great suggestion and something I'll have to work on.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
11/8/13 9:59 A

I don't buy any treat food in bulk at all, for the most part. Occasionally I might but after I have had a reasonable amount of said treat, I freeze the rest. This sometimes works but often the treat is a trigger food and starts to call my name. When that happens I have throw the stuff away despite my respect for food and my finances.

CPRCINDYC SparkPoints: (10,043)
Fitness Minutes: (2,295)
Posts: 200
11/8/13 9:16 A

Don't buy any candy? Find another treat. I go with fruit.

SPARKEMME SparkPoints: (12,674)
Fitness Minutes: (5,158)
Posts: 7
11/8/13 8:57 A

How do you talk yourself out of buying the best deal when you know bringing so much into your kitchen is setting yourself up for a binge? And you need to avoid shopping everyday because that also creates temptations. Sparkpeople tells us it's ok to have a treat. So I go to buy a candy bar and it costs 95 cents but I can get 6-8 smaller pieces of the same candy for 1 dollar. I usually choose the 1 dollar option and eventually give in to the temptation and eat it all. Any suggestions to help me overcome this thrifty mindset that is really costly to my health?

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