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6/12/12 6:48 A

I agree with the thrift stores and sales. Also sometimes E-Bay is an option if you know what size you are in. I've lost 40 pounds and have the same issue, so I DO understand. Your weight loss will show more if you are wearing clothes that fit properly...just so you know.

Good luck with your journey.


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6/12/12 6:37 A

I usually have to buy clothes every 10 lbs, but my wardrobe has a few different sizes. I throw out things that are super big or really too small. Often I'll buy jeans from a thrift store if I have lost some weight but don't want to splurge on nice clothes. When I reach my goal, I'll be buying new stuff

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6/9/12 2:19 P

If you don't like thrift stores, you can also browse the sale racks at places like Target for current styles at low prices. Just buy a few pieces to get you through. Look for pieces with stretch to them so you can wear them through a variety of sizes without looking sloppy. Summer dresses are good for doing double duty - you don't have to buy tops and bottoms. Also, you are still young. Because of your age, I would hang on to your old clothes rather than donating them like other posters said. I only say that because if you plan on having children in the future, you can use some of them as your belly stretches and then after you have the baby.

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6/9/12 11:58 A

Another vote for the thrift store, that's where I get my transitional clothing from.

Likewise, i did an odd job once and had to have khaki shorts, wasn't about to drop $30 or more on a new pair from Khol's or the like, so went to the thrift store and for $3 I had my uniform for the job. A week later I donated those shorts back to the thrift store.


6/6/12 9:04 A

I agree with the thrift shop idea--it's worked for me through all my transitions. Best of all, I get to look forward to the day when I reach goal and can REALLY splurge on nicer clothes!

6/5/12 2:29 P

While losing weight, trying a thrift shop. I shop at JC Penny's for my work clothes, they are pretty cheap and good quality for a suit, if I can't find what I need at a thrift store and I only have a few pieces of clothing that fit at the moment. I have lost 23 pounds and am 1-2 dress sizes smaller.

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6/5/12 1:57 P

Thrift stores are your new best friend everyone! If you aren't the thrift store type of person, just remember that these clothes are transitional. A $3 pair of jeans from the thrift store is better than either your normal jeans which are baggy and probably don't look right anymore and a $50 pair of jeans that you can only wear for three weeks. Pack up your old clothes, bring them to Goodwill, and pick a few things up for yourself there to get you by!

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6/5/12 1:47 P

I'm dealing with this right now. I'm down over 30lbs and I'm trying to make my wardrobe hang on as long as possible because I'm still losing. I went from a 16 to a 12 so far and I had no choice but to buy some new pants because mine were literally falling down and would overlap if I wore a belt. Shirts, I'm thinking I can stretch a little longer before it becomes a wardrobe emergency lol.

I will say that I bought one new outfit and my husband said "oh my god, you HAVE lost a lot of weight" as if it was new information. LoL.

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 424
6/5/12 11:03 A

Maybe try buying one new item as a reward! I definitely would not replace my whole wardrobe though...very expensive!


6/5/12 10:21 A

How often do you buy new clothes? How long did it take before you needed to buy new clothes? Do you enjoy it or find it a burden?

I've lost 20 lbs so far. My clothes are definitely starting to get baggy, but some of them just aren't tight anymore or fit me better. I don't really think I need to buy new clothes yet. My jeans are still size 16 and my shirts are XL, sometimes L.

I am hesitant to go shopping because I would like to lose more weight, and do not have the money to buy new clothes every month.

But buying new clothes is fun and exciting! I think I will buy new clothes when I can wear a size 12. Those will probably be able to last me until I get to my goal size, 6/8.

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