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10/21/11 2:25 P

That does sound really good... what about substituting low fat sour cream for the creme fraiche? It won't change it much but it would help... Also cutting down on the gruyere (I am sure it doesn't "need" a full cup)... and is there a difference in calories between Gruyere and Swiss? I've never looked into it, just know that they are similar in taste and texture. On the other hand, if this is used as an entree item it's calories and nutritional levels aren't "too" bad. It has a decent amount of protein and calcium, fiber can be boosted with whole wheat pasta... I'd make it :)

10/8/11 12:40 P

Thanks Holistic! The white beans sound like a great idea, and the risotto looks delicious.

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10/8/11 12:16 P

10/8/11 11:36 A

When I saw the name of this recipe I thought it would be a great way to work a new veggie into the line up, but I grimaced when I saw that it calls for creme fraiche and that a cup of shredded Gruyere is about 450 calories with a lot of saturated fat.

Does anyone out there with a flair for revamping recipes have any suggestions for cutting down the calories and fat in this dish?

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