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9/5/13 11:52 A

I did the same, but then my weight grew!! So now I really make the time.. I get up earlier, and power walk. While kids do homework I go to Zumba class. If its my turn to carpool, I will get to school early and do laps around the school as I wait. I walk to get groceries. I walk for my 2 -15min. breaks at work. I just have to make the time...And I always end up feeling better, and glad that I got up.. Good Luck

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8/7/13 4:40 P

Sometimes I just find myself too busy to exercise or eat right. I know if I really TRIED I could fit it in. But sometimes its just easier to grab some chips and sit on the couch. Does anyone else have these problems? How do you deal with laziness?

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