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Burning too many calories

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Posts: 33,498
5/5/13 3:14 P

Let's assume you want to lose a pound a week. To lose a pound a week you need a daily deficit of 500 calories.

So you work out your requirements, and with no exercise, you figure you'll eat 500 calories below what your body needs.

Okay - goal met.

Then you start doing 200 calories of exercise daily. Now you're not making a 500 a day deficit, you're making a 700 a day deficit. This isn't your goal. So you need to eat 200 calories more.

More isn't better for exercise and less isn't better for food. The key is creating the RIGHT deficit that allows for a little weight loss but doesn't convince your body that you're starving. And if you increase activity on that correct deficit, you have to increase food otherwise you end up telling your body that you're starving and it stops losing weight.

Posts: 1,038
5/3/13 9:20 P

It seems crazy, but sometimes you have to eat more to lose weight. If you ignore those tracker warnings, you could be causing difficulties later for yourself.

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Posts: 365
5/3/13 10:44 A

Maybe your setting is wrong. If you go to the start page and check to make sure that the exercise levels setting is correct, it will automatically adjust to tell you how many calories you need to eat. In the initial set up of your account, it asks you your activity level. Maybe that needs to be corrected?

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Posts: 13,911
5/3/13 10:00 A

Beyond a certain point, higher levels of activity to require a sufficient intake to support them.

Where this point is depends on personal circumstances.

The fitness tracker isn't necessarily telling you to adjust the calories you are eating. What it says is that you are significantly exceeding the amount of exercise in your Exercise Goals (which is slightly different). Update your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to reflect your typical level of activity (there is an option there to directly enter a calorie target, rather than using Spark's minutes and days method). This may or may not adjust your recommended intake, but it will get rid of the annoying warning message.

If after doing that, Spark is recommending an increased intake, there is solid nutritional science behind that recommendation.


Posts: 295
5/3/13 9:20 A

If you're working out more then you need to eat more to support the additional activity. You wouldn't expect to be able to drive much more on the same amount of gas

Posts: 52
5/3/13 9:15 A

I have been working out consistently but each week the fitness tracker says I need to adjust the amount of calories I am eating. It gets higher each week. I don't want to keep adding more calories, it seems like it is defeating the purpose of me trying to lose weight.

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