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1/2/13 2:27 P

Thank you very much for your input, both!

It's a mystery to me why it says 116 calories, then.

I can't say I 'barely did something' - I was sweating and out of breath, all right!

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1/2/13 1:35 P

Most exercise burns 6-10 cals per minute. Bike riding is low impact, low intensity, and only uses half your body really (the upper body only stabilises). So it's very low-calorie burn compared to other exercises.

This would suggest it's more the 6cpm range than 10cpm.

So for 35 minutes, you would expect to see maybe 210-280.

This suggests the 307 value to be the most likely reliable one.

116 is 3.3cpm (ha ha, barely "doing nothing" let alone "exercise") and 426 is 12.2cpm (much more a high intensity activity like running - extremely unlikely on a bike).

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1/2/13 5:26 A

All calculators use different algorithms to work out your calories burned. The only way to know for sure is to wear a heart rate monitor, and even that isn't perfect.

The usual recommendation is to go somewhere in the middle, so if I were you I would add the 3 together and divide them by 3 to get the average, which is 283.

1/2/13 5:08 A

Rode my bicycle today for 35 minutes. At about 19 km / hour.
I filled it in to the Fitness tracker, it says I burned 116 calories. That seems little to me.
I used another online list, it says I burned 307.
Found another calculator, this one asked about the area, which is hillside. It says I burned 426.

I don't understand this???

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