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5/2/14 10:04 A

emoticon emoticon

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5/2/14 7:53 A

Good info.

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5/1/14 3:10 P

I've read a lot of treadmill workouts that tell you to walk at a super high incline and a low speed but didn't understand how walking a slow pace would really help..when I tried it I realized why. It makes your legs and butt burn like no other because your lower body has such resistance that it has to push through. When you go faster you almost have a little hop in your step (like a jog or running) which starts to have less resistance...still works out your legs and makes them burn but in a different way.

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5/1/14 5:01 A

emoticon Thank You for your response, great info. I use a treadmill and it has 3 levels of incline. The burn happens on low and med. incline after about 40-60 min. My speed at this level is between 2.8 and 3.5 . I'm not sure if at these inclines if it's the speed or the time duration.

When I'm at the max incline it burns more at the lower speeds. 2.0 - 2.6. Not sure what all the heart rate stuff means yet, I'll have to get some info on that. Don't really now if I'm over doing or if I should push myself a little more. Maybe I'm just not in "shape" enough yet. emoticon

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4/30/14 11:55 A

Another guess is that your mechanics change at different speeds so that when you go faster, you aren't using your calves as much.

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4/30/14 11:49 A

Does the resistance increase when you're on the elliptical ? Are you using a program that varies the resistance ? If so, that would be one reason why your calves burn when you're not moving as quickly. it's because your calves are working harder as a result of the increased resistance.

You may notice the resistance changes if you're doing an interval program. When the resistance is high, you slow down. When it's slow you speed up.

a burning calf muscle implies an increase in lactic acid. many people feel that "burn" when they are either working at a high resistance or moving so fast that their heart rate is 80-85% of max.

Since we don't know anything about you, we're just taking guesses at the cause.

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4/30/14 11:44 A

My calf muscles burn more at a slow pace than at a fast pace on incline. Any ideas? It seems to hurt less when I go faster.

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