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10/24/11 3:20 P

For a regular workout day, I burn anywhere between 300 and 600 calories. It depends on how hard I push myself. There are time where I'm sure I've burned more, but I only go camping/ hiking a few times a year.

BELLAARADIA SparkPoints: (0)
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10/24/11 2:34 P

I burn 250-300 per day 6x per week and I've lost consistantly since July 25 2011

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10/24/11 9:09 A

The more weight you are carrying, the more you will burn doing the same exercise as a lighter person. The person who is burning 1500 calories a day is either quite heavy, or doing some serious training. That is not sustainable for most people. If you have found an exercise routine that works for you be happy! The goal is a healthy body for life, not a life for a healthy body.

TRICOTINE Posts: 6,126
10/24/11 8:41 A

I agree. This is crazy and difficult to include in a daily routine when you have a busy life. You got to find balance in order to maintain a lifestyle. I have been there, torshing calories was what all mattered. I lost weight really quickly but as soon as I stopped the crazy exercise, the weight came back...

I believe, you are doing just fine. emoticon

HANA11 SparkPoints: (44,360)
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10/24/11 1:28 A

Definitely crazy and unsafe, unless it's for a day event like marathon running or hiking......

JESSIHOVER1 Posts: 602
10/24/11 1:13 A

1500 a day is a little overboard. I have days that I get over 1000 but those are crazy days and are definitely not repeated often. Just take it slow, it is the best way to do it.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,421
10/23/11 8:18 P

Most people who are reporting these kind of numbers are doing one of 3 things:

* Working out for a long time - I know when I hike all day with a pack on I burn this many calories (and more), but for a normal workout, I only burn a few hundred. Others go out for very long bike rides (eg. 50 or 100 miles) on a weekend, etc. They are legitimately burning this many calories, but they aren't doing it all that often.
* Count their normal daily activities. Not only is this double counting (Spark already includes an allowance for this), but the tracker assumes continuous activity. So someone may track 30 minutes of an activity - while it may well have taken them 30 minutes to clean the bath, but the time they fetched the brush and detergent, rinsed it off, and packed things away, in reality there was only 15 minutes of "heavy scrubbing" involved.
* Overestimate the calories involved. Many pieces of gym equipment are notorious for overestimating the calories burned. Others cruise along at low intensity with low resistance settings, or lean on the handrails on the treadmill, etc.


MAGGIE101857 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/23/11 3:44 P

Just came across this string and found it very informative. Thanks all for posting your comments; I agree that ways of measuring our minutes, calories, etc. can be very confusing. We are havvig the same issue at a work fitness program - people logging their "steps" for the entire day vs. just on their "fitness" walks! My feeling is that as long as people have started "moving", let's not do anything to discourage them!

I wear a Bodybugg all day long; it registers my calorie burn for the entire day. I fluctuate between 1800 and as high as 3300, but normally around 2250-2600. I do have the ability to look at just the time / calories burned during a workout routine though (500 on avg.) , and that I feel is more important to focus on. However, it is still calories burned....through movement. I wouldn't use it as an excuse to go over your calorie allotment, unless the calories being burned are for a very intense workout, such as a marathon!

That said, I need to eat less and move more!!!

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
2/19/11 12:17 A

We are all at differnt levels of fitness. Some are just starting out, others are doing some serious training, and still others are at a happy medium. On the days I do cardio I burn about 500 calories in 30-40 min. Now If I stayed longer at the gym or I did am and pm exercise I could really strive to hit over 1000. The only time I do that is when I know that my eating is going to be way off and I want to counter balance it. Go with what works for you.

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2/18/11 6:11 P

If that person is training, I can see it, otherwise not. I can burn 800+ calories in a hard hour swim and then say another 500-600 on a hard bike ride if not more. Thats a tough day not something that should be the norm.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
2/18/11 4:17 P

Two of the best pieces of advice I got about exercise are:

1) Exercise today in a way that means you'll still be exercising next year. Among other things, that means don't overdo it because you risk injury or burnout.

2) Don't try to do significantly more cardio in the weight loss phase than you can live with indefinitely. If you're doing 2 hours a day now to lose weight, are you going to be able to do that forever? Because if not, how are you going to maintain your weight? I don't think there's an issue if your cardio minutes in the weight loss phase are somewhat higher (e.g., 25-33% higher) than what you're willing to live with forever, but if you're doing twice as much as what you want to do in maintenance, you could have a problem.

Also, strength training is as important as cardio, even though it doesn't burn a lot of calories. People who burn lots of calories in cardio and skip strength training may also be setting themselves up for maintenance problems later, because they're losing muscle during the weight loss phase. Less muscle means lower metabolism means fewer calories needed to maintain weight.

2/18/11 3:15 P

I have a GoWearFit band and on the days I do nothing but go to work and sit at my desk for 9 hours, then go home and only make dinner and veg out (no additional housework), I burn about 1850 calories just to live and breath. When I add in my st or cardio days I can burn more than 2200 calories. On very active days I can hit 2500 cal. I think that person was using their total calories burned for the day, not solely their activity for the day.

PVILLAGO Posts: 1,170
2/18/11 2:08 P

If I ride my bike between 16-19mph for 60 min and do my circuit training for 30 and swim for another hour I can burn that many. Of course, I don't do that every day. Just about 3 times a week.. emoticon

LEAN_MOM Posts: 356
2/18/11 1:42 P

Maybe they were trying to log what they did and couldn't find the right exercise. I had this problem a few days ago. I literally spent over 8 HOURS in my computer room cleaning, stacking boxes, bending, lifting, vacuuming - I know that's just "chores" - but it felt like a workout. So I tried to track it, and all I could come up with was "heavy cleaning" and it put me at like 1,800+ calories. Not accurate. I left it in my tracker at like 2 hours I think but it was still a ton of calories.

JOKR23 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/18/11 1:07 P

I wouldn't pay too much attention to it - as a few people pointed out, some people track being on their feet all day as exercise, so that will show a high calorie burn, and others may have gone on a long run or hike, but it's not an every day thing.

Personally I can burn around 1000 cals in a work out, but it's a workout I only do once a week - I happen to have 2 60min dance classes back to back. Is it a great workout? Yes. Do I get a great calorie burn? Yes. Could I do it every day? Not a chance!!!
So on that day of the week, I always have a much higher burn.

Otherwise I'm usually around 400 cals burned if I'm doing a regular workout :)

AHMARROSE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/18/11 12:52 P


MRS_4EVER_AFTER SparkPoints: (0)
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2/18/11 10:54 A

Very good points!

JBUT66 SparkPoints: (2,095)
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2/18/11 10:44 A

I am glad this question got posted because when I looked at the ongoing post re: "How many exercise calories have you burned today", I confess to being surprised and alittle bit discouraged to see so many 800+ calorie responses. It seems to me you would have to work out hard for hours to get to over 1,000 calories burned. For most people that is not realistic and maybe not even healthy, at least not on a regular basis. I am new to this forum/website and appreciate the wealth of information and support, but also can't help but wonder if there is an element of unhealthy obsession. Obviousy, for those who are real atheletes and training for marathons, tri-athelons, etc, this level of exercise may be appropriate. For most people though, people with full time jobs that don't involve physical activity and families, 30-60 minutes a day most days of the week seems like a healthy and realistic range. This is what I do and my body fat is down to the low 20% range and my BMI is on the low end of the healthy range. SO, I too wonder about these high calorie burn/exercise numbers and whether they are for real and if so, whether they are healthy?

COLLOMR Posts: 2,278
2/17/11 9:46 P

I just looked at my calories burned over two months and have a low of 400 and a high of 1600. I think Spark overestimates my calories burned on some activities, though. Like others have said, one can burn a lot of calories hiking, biking, running for long periods/long distances. I also do "doubles" on many days - morning and afternoon exercise. I walk a lot too - often walking the 5 miles home from work. Personally, I don't think I have an exercise "obsession" or problem. I think I'm an athlete! I have the time, I have the energy, so why not? I really enjoy my activities and I'm proud of myself for my accomplishments.

KTK987 Posts: 196
2/17/11 9:21 P

I burn 1400-1600 through exercise on a regular basis, at least three or four times a week, depending on the weather. I'll spend a few hours riding, and by riding I mean jumping, dressage, training, not just dillydallying down a trail, it is work and my heart rate is anywhere from 120-175 when I'm doing it, higher than when I am running usually. And I'll often run 5k, do some kickboxing, or other gym work later in the day or something along those lines. It really isn't that hard to burn that many if you are active for a multiple hours in the day. I am on maintenance and eat an absolute minimum of 2300 -2500 cals per day as well as a couple days a week where I'm inhaling well over the 3300 cals. No exercise anorexia here, it's just my lifestyle. I am easily maintaining on these levels.

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MRS_4EVER_AFTER SparkPoints: (0)
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2/17/11 9:14 P

Some people have issues with over exercising and sadly, exercise anorexia/bulimia.

I just hope that people don't try and replicate these things as it's unhealthy and can damage internal organs. The payoff I don't quite think is there.

MISSLONDON09 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/17/11 8:56 P

I am so glad to see this post!! I had seen the same thing and asked HOW are people burning 1000's of calories in a single day!!

thank you to all posters - I workout 30 cardio 5 days a week - NEW You workout video - NO the scale isnt moving as fast as I would like BUT 4 pounds in 7 weeks but I weigh in tomorrow soo heres hoping!

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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6/1/10 11:49 A

Keep in mind that there is not a “right” way and a “wrong” way to do this. Some times people confuse themselves by either double counting as I noted below, or by counting every little things so they can eat extra calories, and they are confused about why they are not loosing weight. Other people count everything but adjust their eating appropriately and are still loosing or maintaining as per their plan.

Recently I asked some questions in one form on fitness minutes. My fitness min only tabulate running activities. I run about 250 – 300 km per month. On that form there was someone who records more than double the fitness mins than I do. He records his daily walking (all day) typically less than a quarter of the distance that I run in a day. He made the comment that maybe he was cheating.

I think not, this is not in anyway a competition. My curiosity was what were people doing to double the fitness min. that I log. He know what he is tracking, he tracks it honestly and appropriately, and his plan is working for him. This is just to say, it does not make much sense to compare what I am doing and tracking to what he is doing and tracking, and more generally, it does not make sense to compare our own plan and program to someone else’s except for information.

What is important, is if things are not working as expected, more often than not it is related to overestimating calories burned or under estimating calories consumed, unless there is/are specific special medical or physical issue(s), at least, that is my opinion.

9RACHEL6 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/1/10 11:30 A

I didn't think of that, people logging EVERYTHING they do. That sounds like they're only cheating themselves to me!
I am excited when I burn a little over 600, I don't know how I would feel if I burned over 1000!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (192,949)
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6/1/10 11:17 A

Some Spark members log EVERYTHING they do all day long.

This includes any house work, walking, exercise, etc... so, if you look more closely at what they do, you may find they are including all of their normal daily activities instead of just the exercise.

Also, if a person is morbidly obese, they will burn more calories exercising than someone at a normal weight. Of course, it also depends what they are doing. Most people could not sustain a workout that burned 1500 calories a day. They might be able to do it once in a while, but not every day. they'd end up being fatigued.

Now, for me to burn 1500 calories, I'd have to run for three solid hours. That's not something I'd want to do every day !!!

If you're getting 300 calories per day of exercise, that's fine. Remember, exercise isn't about how many calories we burn in X amount of time.

Regular exercise keeps our minds and bodies healthy inside and out. And if you are trying to lose weight, it's not the exercise that will help you to lose, it's your nutrition. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off.

One last point, there is no fast way to take off the weight. Doing more and more exercise will not speed up the process.

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EMMASF Posts: 53
6/1/10 11:07 A

1500 calories per day is A LOT! I think that you should be proud of that and strive for balance in the rest of your weight loss journey.

SKEPHART827 Posts: 556
5/31/10 11:07 P

I work out at least 2 hours a day. If I am at the gym, the most I burn is maybe 900-1000 calories because I just can't get my heart rate up enough. The only way I can burn 1500 calories is if I cycle outside about 4 hours going up hills. Be careful and don't depend on the calorie counter on stationary bikes or treadmills in the gym. They only estimate calories burned. You have to get your heart rate up to at least 75% of your max (220-age x 75%).

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5/31/10 9:34 P

I try to do 90 minutes on a stationary bike, six days a week, and on average I burn right around 1,100 calories (according to the HRM).

It's really not that bad. My key is keeping myself entertained - reading a book, surfing on the iPad, or watching a movie. And listening to AOL Radio on the Power Metal station to keep the heart rate up.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
5/31/10 9:11 P

The key to weight loss is nutrition. They key to fitness is exercize.

Don't think of weight loss as just trying to burn a gazillion calories. Eat a balanced diet and workout enough to keep you fit.

That being said, as a mid mileage runner (50-60 miles per week) I run about 7-9 hours per week, burning 1000 calories per hour.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,421
5/31/10 8:37 P

Certainly it is possible to burn 1500 calories in a day, but it is going to take you a while, both in terms of:
* a long workout - that's why you see people on this thread talking about hiking, kayaking, very long cycle rides, etc
* something you need to train for and build up to. Trying to burn 1500 calories cold turkey will leave you feeling sore and demotivated, and may increase your risk of injury.

Personally, I think the best way to burn lots of calories is not mega long exercise sessions, but rather trying to work out nearly every day. Even if it's something as simple as walking 2-3 miles, you will burn 50% more calories by exercising 6 days per week than you will 4 days per week.


LESAGE918 Posts: 116
5/31/10 6:54 P

I regulary burn more that 1500 calories in a day. Actually today I rode 45 miles(really hilly) on my bike and burned 1550 calories in that one workout. I am 36, 5'7 and about 150 lbs.
I am trying to get serious about my triathlon training and really focus on running and riding harder. But it is about balance and I eat and train accordingly. Generally my workouts burn between 500-800 calories and I have 2 days where I burn over 1000. I am a terrible dieter so I would prefer to burn more calories and eat a little more. But like most posters have said you cant compare yourself to others.
I understand that this is a "weight loss" site so there are not as many serious athletes as there people just learning how to exercise and diet, so there are not that many people tracking 1500 calories as exercise.

GARYM1A2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,294)
Posts: 1,426
5/31/10 6:51 P

I burn about 1550 calories on a 40 mile bike ride, about 2000 calories on 54 miler. On those days I eat like a horse and never loose weight. To ride fast and far you need lot of fuel.
To loose weight is truly a proper diet.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
Fitness Minutes: (108,468)
Posts: 3,984
5/31/10 5:42 P

Again, a small not on this reply

According to my pedometer, at my current weight, I burn about 650 calories when I walk 6-7 miles.

If you were doing this before you started loosing weight, and accounted for it in your profile, then you would not want to count it again. Sometimes poeple get a Pedometer and start tracking steps, and it in as exercise, however, they were already doing that number of steps before they start, and the fact that these steps are now being counted does not mean that they are now burning extra calories. Sometimes people are disappointed about weight loss because they are un-intentionally double counting things like steps.

LORISEVERANCE SparkPoints: (36,920)
Fitness Minutes: (21,474)
Posts: 1,678
5/31/10 5:40 P

i think being that focussed on burning tons of calories every day is not healthy. i think focussing on BALANCE- diet, exercise, rest, health- is healthier in the long run, and won't lead to burn out. just my opinion

AVABLISS Posts: 261
5/31/10 5:32 P

I burn about 3000-4000 calories in one day when I go kayaking but lord knows I wouldn't do that everyday!! It takes me 2 or 3 days to recover! haha. So I go out once every 2 weeks, every week if I am really lucky.

RNSHARON Posts: 327
5/31/10 5:22 P

According to my pedometer, at my current weight, I burn about 650 calories when I walk 6-7 miles. I do not have time to do that every day; but I do try to get 10,000 steps in each day (which for me is about 4 miles).

MYLADY4 Posts: 1,185
5/31/10 5:16 P

I've done it before as well. Going for a long bike ride in the afternoon (90 minutes to 120) and a Jillian DVD in the morning or mowing my whole lawn in 1 day (push mower and lots of stuff to go around) plus a run in the morning does it for me. With good cardio, I average about 10 calories burned per minute according to my HRM. Trust me, it does not mean faster weight lose.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
Fitness Minutes: (108,468)
Posts: 3,984
5/31/10 5:12 P

I am a runner. I am down from 244 pounds to about 160. I burn about 800 calories an hour running. I typically run 10 to 15 km (800 to 1200 calories) with a couple of long runs added each month up to about 1600 Calories)

However, I manage weight loss based on what I eat, I manage fitness by what I do, and yes, I burn a lot less calories now that I am only 2/3 the man I was. LOL

Do not worry about comparing your self to others here, each of us has our own set of goals and our own reasons for doing things the way we do them.


JQZFY348 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 115
5/31/10 5:08 P

I don't count the calories my body burns naturally. I only keep track of what I burn through exercise

POOKPOOK17 Posts: 88
5/31/10 4:41 P

About once a month I burn that many when I go for a long hike, it's not something you do every day. It's also a very unreasonable goal to burn that many every day.

MSREDFORD SparkPoints: (7,080)
Fitness Minutes: (11,854)
Posts: 103
5/31/10 4:06 P

Thanks for all the help and tips. I didn't realize that we burn so many calories just by living everyday. I calculated that I burn 1448.3 calories each day just by living. I also didn't know that the "smaller" you are the less calories you can burn. I hope that one day I can run a half marathon!!!!

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
5/31/10 3:33 P

And plus from your ticker it looks like you don't have much weight to lose. Smaller people burn less calories, period. Maybe the spark page you read was from a 300 pound person?

Yeah, it's best not to compare yourself to others if you can help it.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/31/10 3:29 P

I burned over 2,000 when I did my half marathon.

If you're doing 2-3 hours of intense exercise you can easily burn as many as that. This is NOT something you should do every day.

Some people track work, too. "I'm a waitress so that's 8 hours of walking at 3mph". Pffbbtttt. Yeah right it is. They're cheating themselves.

You can't necessarily compare yourself directly to others. You already do 300 calories a day and an hour of exercise! Wow! There was a chap on another board the other day asking whether his reported 30 or 90 calories for his workout was accurate. He can't use you for comparison, either.

We're all walking our own path. :)

WATERCOLOR Posts: 1,265
5/31/10 3:16 P

It is crazy. Your body naturally burns 1000 - 1200 calories a day just keeping you alive. It burns calories when your heart beats and to feed your cells and your organs and brain use calories to function, etc. So they may be counting that? Either way, I wouldn't try to mimic them. That's insane and may lead to injury, burn out, and other problems unless they are eating thousands of calories to keep up with that a day. Keep with your plan. You are doing fine.

MSREDFORD SparkPoints: (7,080)
Fitness Minutes: (11,854)
Posts: 103
5/31/10 2:44 P

Okay, I'm freaked out again. I just read a spark page from someone who burned over 1500 calories in one day. I think that I have been going above and beyond in my workout compared to most sparkpages I read and I only track 300 calories a day (MAX!) on here.

I run/walk 2mi+ for 30 minutes, then do moderate intensity strength/cardio excercises for another 30. For me to burn 1500+ I would have to do this routine 5 times... so 5 hours everyday? That's crazy...

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