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9/19/08 1:23 P

If you took to the left of this message, click Send Private Message. Or you can go to my Sparkpage and add me as a friend. That way we can send pm's and leave comments on each others pages :)

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/19/08 1:19 P

Thanks for your advice Karnagia! It's so frustrating having these setbacks. Today is a different day, and although my energy is low, I'm making sure that I still work out and eat right. My clothes are fitting looser, so I know I can do it if I just keep going. Anyway, having someone to vent to or maybe just talk in general about weight loss would be great. How does that happen? Do you just keep communicating through this thread?

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9/19/08 10:48 A

Hang in there! I think your goals are set very very high and it's possible you're feeling defeat because you're trying to do too much too soon. You seem to be so busy - you should take it slow and steady.
I wouldn't cut out the things you love completely because that'll make you miserable. Eating in moderation takes a LOT of practice.
If alcohol makes you overeat that would be a good thing to cut out - that's a LOT of empty calories.
If you need somebody to vent to, let me know :)

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/19/08 7:09 A

after eating 4 homemade muffins (which were okay cause I still stayed within my calorie limits), I decided to drink a glass of wine, which turned into 2.5 glasses of wine, which then lead to me eating a bunch of oatmeal cookies, putting me way over my calorie limit. Why couldn't I just stop after one glass on wine? I feel awful for repeating this stupid cycle. I have no self-control when it comes to food, so I guess I can't go by the "anything is okay in moderation" approach to weight-loss. I'm just gonna have to cut everything out that make me overeat, including alcohol.

SLY813 Posts: 24
9/18/08 3:17 P

Hang in there! Some of the best advice I ever received was to remember that during our periods all emotions were "volume up" so plan to have things to do that one enjoys because they are more enjoyable and discount any depressing feelings or decisions for 3 days becuase they might take less work then. emoticon have and extra smile on me. Sly813

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/15/08 3:35 P

weight - 221 lbs. Also got my period today so the extra pounds might be due to water retention. Next weigh in is october 1st and the goal is 215.

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/14/08 10:28 A

Drank way to much alcohol last night (1/2 bottle of vodka and a quart of sangria)...not good. I decided today that at least for a couple of weeks, I am going to be on an eating schedule where I eat the exact same thing at the exact same time every day. Of couse I expect there to be some variations once in a while, but I think this might help keep me on track. If I have some sort of routine, there'll be less planning and hopefully less hassles. Let's see how it goes.

SLY813 Posts: 24
9/11/08 1:50 P

Sounds like a great adventure. Hope you have great walking shoes. emoticon

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/10/08 7:44 A

feeling great after going to a "juan luis guerra concert" last night.

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/9/08 7:46 A

feeling super tired and drained after 9 hours of sleep. I think I need to rest today and not walk so much (yesterday I spent about 5 hours walking in the mountains).

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/8/08 4:47 P

Great day today...lots of walking and sight-seeing in Barcelona. Also, ate very healthy today

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/6/08 1:56 P

walking is a great exercise and appetite supresant. As soon as I'm home doing nothing, I start to get cravings.

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/6/08 6:44 A

feeling good about yesterday's walking adventure. I think my appetite has decreased. Either that or I'm doing less emotional eating :)

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
9/5/08 4:57 A

I'm out of the country for a week. It's hard to keep track of the foods that I'm eating because they don't have nutrional labels here. I'm walking about 5 hours a day though, so I figure that I'm doing okay. However, it sucks to not be able to track everything that I'm eating.

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8/30/08 11:48 A

I don't have set times for anything because my schedule is so hectic and no two days are the same. I've been reading, however, that having set times for eating is especially effective for controlling cumpulsive eating, so I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks!

DONNAJAMES289 Posts: 1,358
8/30/08 10:10 A

Sounds to me like you have everything in place. Do you have set times that you do all of this? Meals, exercising etc? Possible setting a time would help you..Good luck...Donna

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/30/08 9:05 A

I just realized that I eat uncontrollably when I'm stressed out and have a million things to do. While I am currently working on controlling this, I have a feeling that it will happen a couple of times as I make my transition to a healthier lifestyle. Any advice about what is the best thing to do AFTER a binge?

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/30/08 9:01 A

Thanks for the encouragement! It's so hard to make those right decisions sometimes.

JLRL926 Posts: 15
8/29/08 8:41 P

you can do itttt!!! next time your tempted go for a run or something. you need to fight it. i just started my diet a few days ago, first day on the site.i havent cheated but today i was sooooo tempted at work when i was packing some food at the to-go counter. i thought about the future and my goals and had water instead! best of luck to you!

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/29/08 9:18 A

I went overboard with some cake last night. I'm feeling terrible that I got off track. On top of it all, I'm not seeing any big changes on the scale. I'm burning 1000 calories a day and eating an average of 2000 calories a day (including the cake from last night). I don't understand why I haven't lost any pounds. It seems like losing these first 20lbs is going to be impossible.

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/25/08 8:22 P

Feeling good about my progress and motivation, but I'm also kind of ashamed that I gained so much weight over the summer and now I have to face people at school and see their faces when they first see me.

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/25/08 8:20 P

Weight - 219lbs, no change. I felt frustrated that I hadn't lost any weight since last Monday, but then I realized that I jumped up to 224lbs on Thursday, so I actually did lose weight.

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/24/08 2:39 P

I love the elliptical machine, so I do about 1-2 hours on it a day. It helps if you're able to read while you're on it. Time flies by that way and I get to catch up on my reading (I'm a graduate student, so I have tons to read). I also bike ride to and from school and work, which adds up to about 60-90 minutes a day.
Lastly, I walk my dog for 30-60 minutes each day (this is also when I talk on the phone and catch up with family and friends, or have phone meetings with my students and colleagues).

I'm very big on multitasking because I have so many things going on all at once (just like every woman on this planet!). So by multitasking this way, I don't have to find extra time to exercise, I just combine it with things that I already have to do on a daily basis. Also, some days I may have more time than others, so I may burn 500 calories one day, and 2000 calories the next. So that's why my goal is 7000 a week.

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8/24/08 12:48 P

i'm curious. what will you be doing to burn that many calories?

DRFLOWER01 Posts: 166
8/24/08 12:10 P

I joined spark people about 2 months ago, but did not fully commit to the site until a few days ago. My goal is to lose 40 lbs (220 to 180) by 12/29/08; and another 30 lbs by 6/1/09. The plan is to eat between 1700 and 2000 calories a day, and burn 7000 calories a week. I will keep track of my daily progress, as well as my emotions and feelings, through this journal. Wish me luck!

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