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I was wondering as for some of the resistance training, they want to know the weight involved. Also, when I do overhead work with the bands around both forearms stretching outward it can seem more like bench pressing a couple hundred pounds as far as the feeling of the resistance, however, for the legs probably 10-15......

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There is no exact answer to your question because it depends on a few different things. It depends on the cord manufacture. It depends on the length of the cord. It depends on the the exercise.

Let's say you have a medium resistance cord. That may be pretty easy to use for a bicep curl. However, try using that same band to do a shoulder press by stepping on it and that same band might seem more challenging.

As a very rough estimate, you could say that a light band is about 5 pounds. A medium band is about 10 pounds and a heavy band about 15 pounds of resistance. Once again, this is a very ROUGH estimate.

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Does anyone have a clue how much resistance bungie cords are? I've looked all over. I know it's more than using a towel, yet I can't find what that is either! How many pounds resistance are they? If it helps, I use a green bungie cord LOL I feel sooooooo stupid asking this, but it would help using the tracker properly. Thank you!

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