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9/10/11 12:18 P

great ideas. thanx

10/20/10 7:50 P

I agree with the others - the more you exercise, the easier it will be. Try mixing things up with cardio, strength and flexibility exercises, too - I'm finding that my stamina is increased by all of them and the stronger I get, the easier all of it has gotten.

Good luck and congratulations on making a great decision to start SparkPeople!

SILVERJUDI Posts: 1,806
10/14/10 4:52 P

I'm all in favor of baby steps in everything. If you like the exercise, keep at it, gradually increase your speed, or add more weights.

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10/13/10 8:52 A

Coach Tanya gave the best advice. I would start with walking fast for a week. Then a walk/jog for a week to a month until you feel strong enough to take it to a run. Never ever try to run if you haven't in the past three years or so. Start slow build on it.


TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
10/13/10 7:51 A

We wouldn't advise anyone to go out and try to run 3 miles when they are starting a new journey toward a healthier lifestyle. You will want to follow this journey for the rest of your life for permanent and long term success so you have to learn new skills and routines as you go. If you desire to become a runner, here is an article that can help you build up in walking or jogging.

Spark Your Way to a 5K
5K Training Programs

Coach Tanya

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10/13/10 6:00 A

Ok this is day 2 of my journey and I pepped myself up to thinking that I could take a 3 mile morning jog. Well i got up and started to jog but then it turned into walking. I still gave short frequent sprints but I feel that if I push this hard early in the game. I won't be able to do it again tomorrow. What is a good way to build up stamina?

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