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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 10,540
7/11/12 9:25 P

That's the way to go.

7/11/12 5:36 A

Ironing more enticing? Oh Our treadmill is situated near our television so I record shows I want to see and watch them while I walk. It isn't as nice as walking outside, but it makes for a decent backup. Happy walking.!

BEN119 Posts: 39
7/11/12 5:16 A

I live in Cornwall, uk and near the sea so walking is my favourite type of exercise.. when I can fit it in between work.

Unfortunately there always seems to be a pub at the end and there's nothing like a cold pint of Rattler cider to reward a long walk!

I am trying to exercise at home but hate it and even the ironing is more enticing than exercise
.............. how many calories do you burn ironing 5 shirts ?

Good luck and emoticon x

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 10,540
7/10/12 10:46 P

This is so wise. We should all remember that.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,805
7/10/12 8:02 P


7/9/12 9:48 P

One of the mistakes I have made repeatedly in the past is to do too much exercise too soon. Walking is fairly easy, right? But I live in WV where, unless you walk on a track or rail trail, every walk of some distance will involve some hills. In the past I've tried to build speed and distance quickly and have always ended up with a heel spur, or inflamed toe joint or, sore tenden or shin splint. This time I'm taking it slower and listening to my body. We also have invested in a nice treadmill and stationary bike. Even though I burn far more calories hiking my hills, I realize I need to build strength and endurance gradually. As someone reminded me in a reply to my introduction--this journey is a marathon, not a sprint. It's a lifestyle change--not a diet. Hence, taking care of myself means pacing myself.

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