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4/8/13 10:37 A

Sounds like you have the Dr's blessing.

A 60 minute workout is showing great endurance! I'm sure you were able to do more before your surgery but give yourself some credit! Listen to your body and slowly increase your intensity.

4/7/13 11:48 P

The instruction I was given was to wait one full week after the pain in my neck went away before I started working out again. They told me that just because it didn't hurt that doesn't mean it was totally healed yet. After that, I could resume my normal workout routine the only difference being I would have to begin my strength training routine at a slightly lower weight to get back into it. I waited two weeks after the pain was non existent. So far I have been back to the gym for a week and not a single problem.

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4/7/13 8:46 A

Hi Lissa,

Endurance will come with consistency in your workout program. That said, I hope you got medical clearance from your doctor to resume a workout routine. Did he/she mention to you as to what exercise and intensity you have been cleared to do?

Coach Nancy

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4/7/13 8:39 A

sounds like you are doing well.

4/7/13 8:25 A


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4/7/13 5:46 A

slow and steady wins the race!

4/6/13 11:00 P

I am getting back into working out after about a 2 month break due to a neck injury. I have almost no endurance (at least that's what it feels like). When trying to build endurance is it better to go faster with a lower intensity or slower with a higher intensity? Right now when I exercise, I do the ArcTrainer for 30 minutes then walk the treadmill for 30 minutes. On the treadmill, I go at a 3.2 pace with a 4.0 incline. Any and all thoughts are welcome. :)

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