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4/9/13 5:28 P

thanks so much!! I knew I could count on my SP friends!! emoticon

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4/9/13 5:24 P

You can also get to it directly from the tracker. Click on the "recipes" tab (next to "favorites" and "groupings" tab), and then there's a button for "access the recipe calculator". Once it's built and saved, you can add it to your tracker either from the recipe or from the recipes tab again.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
4/9/13 5:23 P

Under the "Articles and Videos" tab you will find "" --- that will take you to the recipe builder.

All recipes that you create in there can be transferred directly to your Nutrition Tracker using the "Recipes" tab on the tracker.

Hope that helps!

DIANNE651 SparkPoints: (494)
Fitness Minutes: (215)
Posts: 20
4/9/13 5:14 P

Is there a place on S.P. where I can 'build' a recipe? I'd like to list ingredients like I did on WW then break down for calories per serving. Thanks! emoticon emoticon

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