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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/24/13 2:10 P

You don't need all those supplements.......The only one I take is creatine and I put that in my whey protein. And yes I am building muscles.......

GAMMALEAK Posts: 219
4/24/13 6:28 A

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the great responses. I liked some of the things I saw at but all the supplements really add up $$$.

Bob240, your Stronglifts suggestion is something I think I might try. There seem to be a lot of positive reviews around the net on that program.

Thanks, and keep the suggestions coming. I'm going to keep checking in.

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
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4/24/13 5:58 A

As ever the proven techniques at your stage are ;

1] Stronglifts (do a google) - a 5x5 routine which is free
2] Starting Strength (Rippletoe) which is not really 5x5 but close.

They focus on compound moves (squats, deadlifts, bench, OHP, row/powercleans) and don't take long to do in the gym. In fact - very few people here (or any gym I've been to) should do anything else. All the other routines are at best "too advanced" and at worst mistargetted to many people.

Be warned that these routines have a diet plan which is appropriate to teenagers (and hence a very high calorie surplus) At your age you do need to eat in surplus but not to the same extent. - otherwise you WILL get fat. Muscle growth is painfully slow - as little as 5 pounds a year in a well designed programme.

Cardio is important - but it seems there is conflicting evidence on extent. I have seen people get good fast results for muscle growth and they NEVER do cardio. At the other extreme some goverment health agencies recommend 30 minutes a day - this figure is confusing because much of that "cardio" can be about simply walking around rather than serious middle distance running. I find a total of 30 minutes cardio ( medium/high intensity - working at 95%) a week is about optimum. Beyond this the cardio training causes peopleto tend towards skinny fat and supress muscle growth too much to see any results.

If you are going to use cardio to improve heart and lungs - like any exercise - you have to push it. I would also point out that running is actually quite good for the joints (in moderation) - it strengths them through repetitive impact).

Now based on my experience but: IMO no one needs to spend more than three hours a week in the gym to get fit, strong, bulk or "toned" - that includes cardio. Don't overdo it but if you do weights -do it seriously, if you do cardio do it seriously..if you stretch (my pet hate) do it seriously - otherwise you are just wasting time...

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4/24/13 2:19 A

I also used; found excellent programmes and have the best strength and toning I've ever's a lot of effort, but feel so proud that I can lift the weights I can (I'm a woman and now lift more than my partner, and more than any of my gym buddies...)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/23/13 9:03 P

I use and it has some amazing things that will help you. I would check them out. They have some beginner programs for people like you. They are 12 week programs. I did the Lee Labrada program and I really liked it. That guy knows his stuff. Good luck in this. Go make some muscles............I am................ emoticon

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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4/23/13 6:24 P


You could check out bodybuilding dot com or muscle&strength.

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4/23/13 6:18 P

Hi Ben,

While the info you regarded in your general principles--the deal when it comes to building lean body mass is to overload the muscles with the right amount of weight and recovery time to promote such means--therefore, you want to lift heavier weights--a weight that you can lift with good form approximately for 6-12 reps, with longer recovery time between sets (roughly 30-90 seconds) and longer recovery between workouts--roughly every 72 hours vs the standard 48 hours.

And don't allow anyone to tell you cardio is not important--while you don't want to do too much--this can have a catabolic (muscle wasting effect) on your muscles, you do want to balance your lifestyle out with at least 30 minutes 5 times a week of moderate workouts or 75 minutes a week of vigorous--or a combination of the two. Remember your heart is a muscle and it needs exercise, too.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

GAMMALEAK Posts: 219
4/23/13 5:00 P


For about a year now I've been in the low-to-mid 170lb range. I'm a male. I am 6'0". I'm in my early 30's. When I started with SparkPeople I was ~195lb. Right now, just looking in the mirror, I think I'm a leaner 170ish pounds than I was a year ago--more muscle and less fat.

I'd like to explore building some muscle to start to actually look, well.. like a muscular guy, not just a thin wirey guy.

I know some general principles:
- You have to eat plenty of protein
- You need to eat MORE calories overall (b/c you need to fuel your body)
- To avoid just adding fat you still need to do some amount of cardio

While Sparkpeople does a great job of providing information and tools for slimming down, it seems like there's a lot fewer resources for bulking up muscles (probably because the website in general leans towards women more than men).

Anyone know of some good resources on this? I'm not looking for "get ripped fast" solutions. Slow and steady does it, as far as I'm concerned. But it would be nice to be at a point maybe a year from now where there is some very obvious muscle mass built onto my frame.

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