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RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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5/5/14 10:31 A

I don't have time for that. Barely have time to do my own. emoticon

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (314,097)
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5/4/14 11:24 P

I haven't tried

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/4/14 11:12 P

I've never browsed other members' food trackers. I didn't even know you could. I barely have enough time to get on and track the things I need to track! We really cook with very healthy foods. I see the recipe of the day that's "showcased" and if it's something I know will work I'll add it to my "need to try" group. I don't have the patience to peruse recipes. Cooking is not a passion at all for me! I'd much rather create art.

SWEETLILBLUEYES SparkPoints: (43,920)
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4/19/14 9:11 P

If folks can help with disorders/allergies, I think that is awesome if solicited.We have so many smart people on SP, It's a great resource when solicited. The combined knowledge of this group has to be off the scales! Spark on my friends! BTW, liver and onions tomorrow. Weird right? But the essential nutrients from beef liver that Infuse our system are so vital. It's a lot of work to make it right, but I feel so rejuvenated when I eat it that it is totally worth the effort. I made some awesome gluten free bread today that really surprised me too. I cook a lot on the weekends so I have healthy food for DH and I through out the week. Thanks for your insight into this topic. I had never really thought about it before! (Other's trackers I mean.) I agree that an invitation of some sort is the polite thing to do.Happy Easter all!

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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4/19/14 3:08 P

I've checked out a couple of other Food Trackers also. Mainly, it was to see what they were eating for certain digestive disorders. What foods agreed with them and what were causing problems. My digestion is particular also.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/18/14 8:14 P

I'll occasionally check someone's Tracker if they post a question or frustration about their nutritional profile. I don't just randomly look at them.
Most people here - well, a goodly number, anyway - are on the "typical" weight-loss plan, and that approach creates a fair amount of stress for me. Just from a personal perspective, it's never worked for me.
I'm on a prescribed diet now, which has been working well until lately when my AI condition has gotten into the mix and is limiting my already limited food choices. So I'm struggling to get back where I need to be.

My Tracker is shared, and it matters not a whit to me if anyone cares to look at it or not. It would be a real job for most, because I log all my meds and supplements there too - and it's a hellaciously long chore to even find the foods, most days! lol

I don't feel it's an invasion of privacy or "stalking." If a Tracker is shared, it seems to me it's open for viewing. It can be made private, or else perhaps defaults to private, I don't know. I wouldn't ever make commentary on a Tracker unless the owner is requesting opinions or help, though. Sort of like reviewing a friend's meal at a restaurant. That's their business, unless they invite you into it!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/18/14 4:14 P

I was a line cook for many years, and I trust my eyeballs pretty good.

Otherwise, I read the label.

As far as other people? Nah. Unless I knew the person was a weigher/measurer before hand (like I know you do...although, lol I still don't wanna look at your tracker).

I just get that vibe just from reading a lot of posts here (not necessarily in cafe), know what I mean? ;)

SWEETLILBLUEYES SparkPoints: (43,920)
Fitness Minutes: (24,060)
Posts: 339
4/18/14 3:25 P

So here is a comment about portion size. I weigh my portions on a balance or measure them in a cup or use the recipe builder and measure when cooking. I don't eat many processed foods, but if I do and I have a "package" I count the number of items to equal the serving information.Then I track that in my food tracker. So what I track is accurate, and I know this because I measure. Do others measure there food? How do you routinely determine a portion size? Do you feel comfortable that your "serving size" is accurate? If you were reading someone else's tracker, how would you know if their serving size information was accurate or not, just from the tracker? Just curious.

4/17/14 11:12 P

I had no idea it was a possibility to look or be looked at!

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,478
4/17/14 10:53 P

No I don't browse others food tracker because I don't have that much time in life~

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/17/14 6:53 P

Luann I have a saying now..."Well I could lose a ton of weight eating 900 calories of jelly beans a day, or I could gain a ton of weight eating 2300 calories a day of grilled chicken, asparagus and brown rice"!!!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,971
4/17/14 6:17 P

"Another thing is that (from what I noticed) a lot of people have no concept of correct measurements! They will read the back of a package of cottage cheese and see a serving size is 1/2 cup, and just scoop a bunch out...that *looks* like 1/2 cup, and they've really served themselves 1 1/2 cup."

So true!
And also they say: But I am eating healthy!

SWEETLILBLUEYES SparkPoints: (43,920)
Fitness Minutes: (24,060)
Posts: 339
4/17/14 6:09 P

I browse the recipes for inspiration. I have never looked at anyone's tracker but my own. I am usually religious about tracking everything I eat, but sometimes something comes up and maybe the last meal of the day doesn't get tracked and I forget to do it the next day. I don't think of that as "not facing" anything, or lying to myself. Because I put everything down. The good the bad and the ugly. If someone came across my tracker and made assumptions based on any of the information, I guess that would be their issue and not mine. If I forget, it's not often, and it is also not the end of the world. No big deal.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/17/14 5:47 P

I agree!! I do really good now - probably 95% of the time...but when I first started, I couldn't face it. ha ha I can now. :)

Another thing is that (from what I noticed) a lot of people have no concept of correct measurements! They will read the back of a package of cottage cheese and see a serving size is 1/2 cup, and just scoop a bunch out...that *looks* like 1/2 cup, and they've really served themselves 1 1/2 cup.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
4/17/14 5:17 P

Sure Eelpie, you are right. I think that a lot of what we are trying to do here though is to face our challenges and actually deal with them head on.

JEEP8294 Posts: 4,591
4/16/14 9:36 P

I've never looked at anyone's tracker and I don't know if anyone's ever looked at mine. I just don't have the time to do that.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/16/14 7:26 P

"It seems really silly to not enter what you are REALLY eating. If people are doing that, they don't have a accurate record for themselves."

Sometimes people don't want to see they kind of lie to themselves about how much it is really, i.e. entering 1 coke, when they had 3. Or not counting that second piece of cake. Or thinking that 6 hershey kisses really don't make a difference.

I know in the past when I've "gone off" my plan....I'd just give up for that day, I literally didn't want to see it. I'd hit it the next day hard...but that day once I got to a certain point....I just didn't want to see that number.

I'm a daily weigher, so I knew I'd see it somehow the next day...anyway

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
4/16/14 6:46 P

It seems really silly to not enter what you are REALLY eating. If people are doing that, they don't have a accurate record for themselves. If you don't have an accurate record, you can't really see what is working for you and what is not. I never lie in my tracking, but I do sometimes skip tracking particular meals entirely, especially when I am traveling/eating out. The other thing is that you can't get good advice unless you are being honest.

I often look at people's trackers if I see that they are struggling with a problem. Often the answers are fairly obvious once you glace at the tracker. I tend to be very analytical and want to see something concrete. I would rather give a potentially useful answer that someone perceives as brusque or rude than to say "there, there," pat someone on the back and give absolutely no meaningful help.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/16/14 5:59 P

Yeah, it probably does default to "private"... can't exactly remember, been awhile since i played around with settings... but you know what it's like when you first set up the page and are confronted with all those options to check or uncheck....

i agree that if it's open, it's not "stalkerish" to take a look.

i wonder how many people "edit" their public trackers to look "healthier" (i.e. "forget" to tack on that sprite and handful of chips, or "accidentally on purpose" underestimate portion sizes so their calories line up). i hope people don't do that, but I can kind of see how it would happen. First, you put your tracker public to "make yourself accountable" and then you do something you are embarrassed to publicly account for.... I never do that, as I always remind myself I don't care what other people think of my food choices. It helps me understand myself and my body and my longer-term trends in weight management, to be able to go back and see EXACTLY what i did. Of course, it does allow the world to know when I eat THREE slices of Boston Pizza instead of the "healthier" single-slice-for-dinner, or when I eat an unholy amount of chocolate chips in a sitting..... heh. Thing is, my weight ticker will show that you can do stuff like that *on occassion* and still succeed at this whole lifestyle-rework thing :)

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
4/16/14 3:25 P

Yes, I frequently look at other people's trackers--it is a great way to get new ideas. I find it especially useful to browse the trackers of successful Sparklers who are from different ethnic backgrounds than my own...I've found some wonderful healthy foods to try that just are not common in my own food culture. I've also found that people are very helpful in talking about how they prepare these things.

Bunnykicks, isn't having your trackers private the default? I think that you have to consciously choose to share, which to me makes it fair game for nutrition-related discussions. I think that you can also tell a lot about someone's seriousness and dedication by glancing at his/her trackers. If I look at your tracker and see that you live on Sprite and candy bars and never exercise...well, I am unlikely to take anything that you say very seriously.

For a very long time I shared my fitness tracker, but not my food tracker. It took me perhaps a year to feel comfortable about that idea, but now I am fine with people looking at and potentially judging what I eat. It helps to keep me on track and is certainly NOT stalker behavior.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/16/14 2:26 P

Hey no judging by me!!!! It looked great emoticon

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/16/14 2:16 P

Oh, haha! It was a massive black-bean-and-mango salad, with lime juice, salt and chili for the "dressing." With pineapple for dessert. Due to some silly medical test I have to do today, I had to eat "fat free" after a certain time yesterday (yeah, the chocolate chips came in before that deadline haha) - WELL! no silly dietary restriction is going to stop me from having a very-delicious-dinner! It *was* really-good! It probably would have been a touch nicer with a teaspoon or two of olive oil, but even so. It's one of those meals I would make "just because I like it" that just so happens to be relatively "healthy."

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/16/14 1:44 P

Bunny - I'm weird about that whole "I took a peek at your tracker" thing too, when it was not solicited - ha ha so it's not just me ;)

Sometimes people don't enter everything for a day, or forget something, and all of a sudden people make/pass judgement on the person.

I didn't know it even was possible to change it to private, until I checked mine.

I only look when someone asks others to.

ETA: Bunny what was for dinner last night? Whatever that was, it sounds really good ha ha ha ha

Edited by: EELPIE at: 4/16/2014 (13:46)
EMMACORY Posts: 21,068
4/16/14 1:11 P

I rarely look...when I do it is in response to someone's question. I also belong to a private team and one of the members is on a very different food plan so I took a peek to see what she was eating. My conclusion it was not enough but it is her life and I did not comment because I was not asked to.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/16/14 10:37 A

Ha, AMARANTHAQ, I've seen that sort of thing happen quite a few times, usually in the "Diet and Nutrition" forum. Now, fair game if someone posts a question, and is asked "would you like to make your tracker public, and we can look at it and make specific suggestions?" - the poster can then decide whether to open up their tracker for public comment, and if they choose to, they will often receive some helpful and relevant advice....this I think can be useful.

But then there's the "new to the forums" members who might not even fully realize that their tracker is wide-open, or understand that "people might look" - they post a general question and receive the "well, I took a peek at your tracker" response - yike! I always wonder how people feel about receiving "unsolicited tracker visits." Granted, if they didn't want people to look, they should mark it private - but - not everybody has the same level of "internet privacy expertise" - I suspect there's been more than a few caught quite unawares by the unsolicited-tracker-peek move!

I leave mine open and I don't care if people look. If someone finds it useful or interesting, well that's fine by me. If someone wants to "judge" my diet, also fine with me (but they can do it to themselves - I never post asking advice about my food intake/nutrition, so I really wouldn't expect to ever hear "according to your tracker..... so i think you should...." directed at me.) I leave mine open "for information only" - not to solicit any advice, feedback or discussion.

On occassion I might take a glance at someone else's... usually in response to a forum thread on some nutrition topic, I might get curious and wonder just what other(s) are doing. But it's rare that I'll take the time... and rarer still that I'd make a public comment about my interpretation of what I saw. I think I have only pulled the "well, after looking at your tracker...!" move one time, that I can remember, and it was with respect to a person who was actively seeking feedback on their tracker.

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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
4/16/14 10:01 A

I track elsewhere than spark but you aren't a stalker if someone makes their tracker public as there is a "private" option.

I've noticed on a few threads here in the café, though, that people occasionally respond to someone's post with a statement that they went and looked at the poster's tracker. Then they proceed to give advice or conclusion based on what they saw in the tracker.

In one such case, a conclusion was made by people that had reviewed the tracker that the poster had an eating disorder and that was stated in responses.

I find that use of the public trackers inappropriate, but it certainly isn't stalking.

And just randomly looking at things people make public isn't stalking.

There is no warrant of privacy on a public website.

4/16/14 9:19 A

didn't know we could even do that, but no. tracking my meals takes enough time as it is. I do love..when I have time...browsing the recipes on this site.

CANADIANFROG09 Posts: 1,994
4/16/14 6:25 A


COMPLEXFLAVOR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,254)
Posts: 314
4/15/14 9:40 P

I share mine, and I don't mind people looking. I look at other people's for inspiration. It's not about comparing or judging what everyone's eating, but it's good for ideas, and seeing how other people manage eating in their range. I often come away with ideas I hadn't thought of.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,449
4/15/14 9:24 P

I might have once or twice. If somebody said, hey take a look at my food tracker.

Generally though no I don't look at others food tracker. And when I tracked on Spark mine wasn't public.

MEEKA71 SparkPoints: (56,946)
Fitness Minutes: (111,909)
Posts: 221
4/15/14 7:03 P

I haven't really before, but now after reading this thread I've got a mild urge to go browsing random people's food trackers.

(Your breakfast and lunch looked pretty tasty, btw, Thena.)


SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
4/15/14 5:52 P

Nope..It has never crossed my mind to do so. I have enough trouble trying to keep mine right emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,971
4/15/14 5:47 P

"Do you ever browse other members' food trackers?"

What they eat makes no difference to me.
It is what I eat that matters!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/15/14 4:48 P

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! OMFG thank god no one is here!! I busted out laughing so hard at that!!

I am wearing my conservative grey pinstriped ones today!

But...I have a date this saturday night, and am wearing "real" pants...literally for the first time in weeks!!

ATHENA-NADINE SparkPoints: (20,812)
Fitness Minutes: (28,706)
Posts: 360
4/15/14 4:42 P

It's all those pjs. They mess with your head! emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/15/14 4:36 P

I wouldn't sweat it hunny. If it bothers someone, they have the option to make their trackers private. I made mine private.

lol...I'd be freaked if I posted a question, and got responses back "I took a wee peak at your tracker", and I hadn't asked anyone too!! *I* feel weird. ha ha ha ha..maybe I'm paranoid!!! emoticon

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,637
4/15/14 4:32 P

You aren't a stalker, on a web site like this, it's assumed people will read what other people are doing, it's natural..................I'm old and tried so many things so often, over the years, there isn't much new or different out there, lol. I subscribe to magazines like Weight Watchers and women's mags, so get tips or recipes there, but in the end, for me, that's enough. Sometimes when you are hungry and tired, reading and re-reading stuff like this helps you stick to your plan instead of eating extras. Just my opinion, of course. If it helps, do it with a clear conscious. Good Luck!

ATHENA-NADINE SparkPoints: (20,812)
Fitness Minutes: (28,706)
Posts: 360
4/15/14 4:24 P

I only do it with people who have said their food trackers were public in the past. I actually brought it up because I was feeling a little like a stalker and I didn't want my actions to be offensive to anyone.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,637
4/15/14 4:23 P

Nope, no time to do that, and have enough recipes to choke a horse...................but that's just me, been at this for years, have years of recipes.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/15/14 4:22 P

No...I'm kinda funny that way and look at it as a "invasion of privacy"...but, you know....I think that's just me :)

A lot of people might be flattered that you get inspiration from them, however.

ATHENA-NADINE SparkPoints: (20,812)
Fitness Minutes: (28,706)
Posts: 360
4/15/14 4:10 P

Sometimes I spend a little time just looking at other members' food trackers for inspiration, motivation, and ideas. Sometimes I'm curious to see what the really successful members are eating, sometimes I'm just looking for more food ideas and look at food trackers if I'm not in the mood to go through SparkRecipes.

Do you ever browse other members' food trackers?

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