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3/25/14 10:16 A


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3/25/14 9:17 A

idk... if it was me.... I'd save the weight bearing time, for things like getting to/ from work, doing some cooking, a little shopping, etc. And not worry about a lot of weight-bearing *exercise* til I was a little further along in the recovery. There's loads of exercises you can do seated in a chair. Not the sort of thing a person might choose to do forever, but this is only temporary anyway.

The most important thing is what/ how much you're eating, anyway. If you haven't done so, you might want to take a look at your settings and see if you need to change them, to reflect a lower calories burned through exercise, just to be sure your range (to eat) isn't too high while you're laid up. You can always go back in there and adjust it up, once your'e able to do more cardio.

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3/24/14 5:54 P

I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle! I know how hard it is to have to rely on someone else to help with everyday tasks.
It's hard to deal with having to rely on someone else to manage everything for you food wise. Could you use one of those scooter things that you put your injured leg on and use your good leg to propel yourself to get around the store and/or kitchen? You could also use a motorized scooter in the store, and the manual scooter at home? Maybe your roommate could just help you carry things up the stairs instead of having to prepare your food for you?
Can do you do seated or laying down exercises? I do Pilates and yoga and because of my unreliable and injured back everything I do is either laying down or seated. It would help at least with your core and upper body. That might make crutches a little easier to bear as well. If you're a gym member, do they have hand cycles? I'm sure there are lots of great exercises both here and in other various places online.
I've never been a runner because my knees are also permanently injured, but I know that people sometimes really do rely on running for not only exercise, but as an escape. I hope your ankle heels well, and that you start feeling better soon. I'm with previous posters though-don't do more than you should too soon or you won't heal as well and may have future problems. Good luck!

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3/24/14 4:43 P

No advice, but just wanted to say that I'm sorry this happened and hang in there!

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3/24/14 3:15 P

I broke my RT ankle back in 1989. Back then I started out w/ a cast, then a boot and finally a brace. It took me 6 months to get through it all. You may heal faster as long as you give it the time it needs to heal properly and stay off it. As with the food TRACK, TRACK TRACK ( and just say no when it comes to the snacks) emoticon

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3/24/14 2:03 P

You need to track all your food, etc. Your roommate means well, but ask her to keep the goodies for herself.

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3/24/14 11:54 A

I lost my first 25 pounds by tracking alone, every day...every bite, and staying in the low end of my range, so that's what I would do.

As far as your roommate - tell her thanks, but no thanks...and to maybe keep any "treats" hidden from you, as your weight loss is of paramount importance to you.

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3/24/14 11:49 A

yes, on Friday the doctor said I could start bearing weight on it as long as it felt okay. I did a little bit yesterday and oh my gosh it's sore today!

He did say I would probably need PT, so I am expecting that. :)

edit: I don't think I worded this correctly, I'm not EXERCISING at all. I meant I bore a little weight on my foot for the first time (standing in the shower, took a couple of steps) I realize from people's responses that it sounded like I was trying to work out! Walking on the crutches to and from my parking lot, up and down stairs and around work and home is plenty of working our for me! :)

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3/24/14 11:42 A

Biggest piece of advice: don't start doing weight bearing exercises until your doctor/PT specifically clears you (including the elliptical). Ankles are tricky and you really can't rush the recovery process. Get a referral to a PT after you get the cast off so they can help you gradual rebuild the strength in your ankle, because it will have gotten weaker from not using it.

Until then, pay attention to what you eat because as you know, nutrition is the biggest part of weight loss. This too shall pass :)

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3/24/14 11:33 A

On Wednesday March 12th I was carrying a box and stepped off of my front step and onto uneven pavement. I rolled my ankle and immediately knew something was very wrong. I had to call an ambulance and it turned out to be broken. I broke the fibula, but it's a clean break, the ankle joint is stable and no surgery needed.

I was put in a cast on Friday 3/14 and am on crutches.

I had another set of x-rays done this Friday - looks like 3 more weeks in the cast!

So, the crutches alone are an insane workout. I have to get from my second floor apartment to my car, then to work and from the parking lot to my desk. When I am finally at my desk in the morning I am drenched in sweat. My arms, shoulders, hands, abs and "good" thigh are sore from the muscle usage. Great workout!! (and that's twice a day!)

The problem is food. When I fell I was already not tracking my food for over a week. I was on vacation between my old job and new job and wanted to splurge. (yes I started a new job 5 days after breaking my ankle lol) But when I fell I was left completely at the service of my amazing roommate. She did all the cooking and shopping, and not being someone who cares for watching caloric intake, she is just cooking me whatever she can think of.

Normally I do ALL of the cooking - so I measure and calculate all my calories and write them down. I buy specific products/brands, etc. But I can't ask her to do all of that when she is literally doing everything else to take care of me.

Today I am at least tracking my calories again. And I asked her to please stop giving me tasty snacks. I know she just wants me to feel better, but food can't be my reward.

Sorry this is so long, I am just looking for some positive encouragement. I'm having a hard time staying upbeat. I am tracking my calories again and even if I go over I will at least KNOW. I am getting great exercise and I know that if this had happened pre-weight loss there's no way I would have been physically fit enough to do as much as I am doing.

The cast should be off in three weeks, the doctor said I could potentially start running again in 3 months. At the very least I'm hoping to be back on the elliptical in a month or so.

Any advice? Thanks for reading...

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