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12/18/11 6:23 P


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12/17/11 8:54 P

Of COURSE you can do this!! Minus 40 is incredible! Keep it up!

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12/17/11 6:54 P


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12/17/11 4:29 P


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12/16/11 5:44 P

Well done!

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12/16/11 5:11 P


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12/16/11 12:17 P

Congrats! You ROCK!!! Keep that Spark burning - 40 is a GREAT milestone!!!

12/16/11 1:52 A

Okay, y'all. I think I finally get what this "Spark" actually is. With all of your responses, why, I'm all motivated again and stoked to get those last 20 gone. You guys are fabulous! Thanks so much for your replies. Somehow, it made a difference to know that somebody out there actually cares enough to jot down a few words of encouragement.

emoticon emoticon

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12/6/11 12:18 P


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12/6/11 11:51 A

Keep up the amazing work!!!

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12/6/11 11:49 A

This is what I call those last twenty pounds: twenty-one and done! (It needed to rhyme!) Anyway, I shed the last of the last twenty in the last month and a half, so I know the road you are on....and it's not a bumpy ride as long as Sparkpeople is your designated backseat driver.

Kudos and Spark On!

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12/6/11 11:09 A


12/6/11 7:21 A

Your stats are wonderful! Congrats!! So happy for you! Envious for me emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

12/5/11 11:25 P

Your excitement is contagious! I'm catching the spark. You have so much to celebrate! Way to go!

12/5/11 11:08 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon What a wonderful thing to celebrate

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12/5/11 9:42 P

That's fantastic. You're doing great and yes, you CAN do this. Love the Ford quote!

12/5/11 7:26 P

WOO HOO, ME!!! Can't believe I have lost so much - and still losing over the holidays!!! I originally wanted to lose 60 pounds by Christmas Day and I know now that I won't, BUT.... baby, look at me soar!!! 40 down and 20 to go!!! Sheesh! I just may be able to do this!!!


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