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3/9/14 4:28 P

I don't give it any thought. Sometimes I breath heavier as the incline increases but I try to push myself harder....... emoticon emoticon emoticon That is the only reason I get on the treadmill. If I didn't, I'd be a fat ass....

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3/9/14 4:14 P

One other thing that I have noticed when running in the past is that I start to focus TOO MUCH on my breathing. Like I subconsciously work too hard at controlling it and making be the way that I expect that it should. What helped for me is listening to music with some earbuds. It gives me something else to listen to besides my own breathing and so I don't get as anxious about it. I never have this problem when I'm cycling, only when I'm running.

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3/8/14 9:09 P

Thanks Jen, tried that today and seems to be working much better.

-Roger emoticon

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3/8/14 1:16 P

I would try decreasing your speed on both the run and the walk. The walk interval should allow your breathing to come down a little before starting to run again, so if you're going too fast, that doesn't happen. Hopefully slowing down will allow you to go a little longer and then slowly increase your speed and number of intervals over time.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/8/14 4:33 A

I am trying to get my breathing right on the treadmill. I usually warm up for 5 minutes at a good walking pace, then pump it up to 5.0 for a run for two minutes then back down for a walk at 3.9 for two minutes. I can do this for three sets then breathing gets hard for me. I may be going at it too hard, but not sure.

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