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1/25/12 11:31 P

Breathing correctly is tough- when you do the exercise breath in do a slow count and relax breath out as your return to start.. I grant you it was tough getting into the habit, I was trying to ignore start up stiffness my chiropactor told me to ignore.. Stiffness could really put my breathing technique off..
I had to start somewhere- but with time I felt better and could concentrate on breathing.. People look at us whom breath in time with lifting weights- as weird as don't understand what is going on..
I feel light headed if I don't breath in time- the exercises feel more awkward.. I also make sure I go around with a water bottle so not to get dehydrated..

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1/25/12 10:11 P

According to ACE and NASM, you want to exhale when your lifting the weight (that is the concentric phase) and inhale when you return the weight to the starting position(the eccentric phase) doing so ensures proper oxygen delivery without elevating your blood pressure. Also when you exhale the air out of your lungs the force will help you lift the weight. Just make sure you are not hyperventilating (breathing in an unnatural way--too quickly)...if you still continue to have issues then you may want to contact your doctor about this.

Coach Nancy

1/25/12 9:05 P

It does make sense, but why do I feel light headed when I do it that way? Doing it the opposite way feels as though it makes it easier for me to do the movement. Are my lungs upside down? emoticon

1/25/12 8:55 P

You want to inhale on the concentric part of a movement and exhale on the eccentric. Strange words so here is an example, when doing a bench press inhale as you lower the weight (concentric) then exhale as you lift it (eccentric). The rationale is that you are tensing yourself in preparation for the work and exhaling tightens your core as you do the work. Squats, inhale down, exhale up. This make sense?

1/25/12 8:17 P

I heard Coach Nicole say to always breathe out on your exertion move (so like going up on a pushup or pulling a resistance band toward your body) and out on your release (going down or releasing the band), but when I do it that way I get dizzy. It feels much more comfortable to me to reverse these. Is it OK to breathe in on the exertion and out on the release?

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