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9/8/11 10:30 A


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9/7/11 5:24 P

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9/7/11 4:26 P


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9/7/11 3:59 P

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9/7/11 3:22 P

Woohoo -- great post! The crazy thing is that small things like this done consistently will continue leading to breakthroughs that can change the course of your entire life.

Keep using this as motivation :).


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9/7/11 3:01 P

It was really cold and rainy the other day when hubby and I went grocery shopping, and since our Kroger has a Starbucks in it, we decided before we left the house that we were going to get some coffee to sip while we shopped (score 1 pt for making conscious decisions!). We got on the website and each picked out a drink from their "under 200 calorie" so we'd know what to order when we got there (score 1 pt for planning ahead!).

When we got there we ordered our awesome low fat drinks and I take a sip of mine...delicious... but I forgot to ask for no whip!!! I lamented this to my husband and got ready to take another sip because, well, I wanted it. I ordered it. I paid for it.

And then it hit me. I don't have to eat anything I don't want to. I didn't WANT the whipped cream, I wasn't going to eat it! I got a spoon from the barista and proceeded to scoop my whipped cream right into the trash before enjoying my drink. (score 1 pt for making a good decision in a pinch!).

May not seem like much, but I was pretty happy about it. Just those three choices saved me about 400 calories!

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