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10/17/13 11:38 P

Saw a nutrition expert public TV who created this blob of goo out of donut ingredients and asked the audience if this looked good. That helped cure me. emoticon

Good for you on getting past these evil little things. Keep up the good work!

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10/17/13 10:58 P

Awesome! Those sugary foods are not good for anyone. They rot the teeth and increase the calorie load. They also make us crave for more sugar. It has been years since I ate sugary food and I no longer crave sugar.

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10/17/13 9:10 P

Good for you! That's the kind of thinking that will get you to your goals. emoticon emoticon

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10/17/13 6:37 P

Two Dozen donuts in the break room, and I stuck to the plan - watched others eat and took a walk when I felt tempted (and as I was walking someone else ate my favorite kind of donut).

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