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3/2/13 4:37 P

It depends on where you have broken out with acne. If it is where your clothes are located, you might think about getting some "wicking" clothes. These will take the moisture away instead of sticking your skin. I tend to break out more when I workout also but I try to keep it minimal by making sure I drink lots of water and also clean my skin as fast as possible after a workout. I like to use facial wipes at the gym after a workout or in the middle of a long one. It clears the pores from sweat. Unfortunately I have talked to my doctor about it also in some other areas and she said there wasn't really much a person can do in some areas that have over productive sweat glands. Not sure if any of that is the same for you but that is my experience for whatever it is worth.

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Check out SP's article on exercise and acne:

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I'm finding that I have broken out with small red bumps, like small pimples after working out every day. I think its from sweating so much. I usually have better good clear skin. Has anyone else noticed this problem? What have you done to prevent this?

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