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This isn't going to address your situation as it is now, but it wouldn't hurt to have some 'go to' breakfast options at work in your drawer or locker so that you are covered for times like this. Perhaps some healthy cereal and UHT milk that doesn't need refrigeration until opened, some unsalted nuts and dried fruit. Even little cans of tuna or salmon - no law that says they can't be eaten for breakfast :-) I always have at least one very high fibre bar in my bag, and everywhere I go, that goes too, for 'caught short' times. Protein bars are another option.


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If it were me, I would try the water routine if your job allows for plenty of rest room visits emoticon

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How frustrating! Wishing you the best. Do any of your co-workers have any extra fruit or a protein bar that they would share! Hang in there!

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Are there any healthy options in the vending machine, such as nuts or a granola bar? The reason I suggest these things, is if you are hungry now, by the time lunch rolls around you may find yourself so hungry that you may find yourself eating whatever you can.

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I am a work and brought eggs with me for breakfast. I always have egg whites in the morning. For some strange reason unknown to me, my bowl of eggs popped and turned upside down in the microwave . There went part of my breakfast for the morning. I always cool my eggs the same way every morning but this time was a first for me. I only have part of my breakfast which is romaine lettuce, strawberries and a slice of organic bread. I am avoiding the vending machine completely. I am so hungary and need some help!!!!!

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