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10/16/13 2:18 P

I eat after because eating and then working out upsets my stomach. I've never been much of a breakfast person anyway. Food in the morning is not that appealing. I like to be up several hours before I actually eat anything.

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10/16/13 2:11 P

Yep, it's totally personal preference. I get up at 5am to run. I can't run within at least an hour of eating, and there's no way I'm going to get up at 4 just so I can eat first. I've run as far as 10 miles on an empty stomach and had no issues, but I usually take a Gu at 8 miles if I'm running that long.

For a race, when I'm naturally getting up well before I'll be running, I'll have something like a banana an hour or two before the start of the race. Anything more than that and I feel too full to do well.

I usually eat a bagel with peanut butter after my runs.

10/16/13 10:43 A

Everyone is different. I like a snack before exercise, like some peanut butter or a small granola bar. It gives me a little more energy to work out. Then I finish my breakfast after working out.

10/15/13 7:41 P

It is really your choice. It would be based on your tolerance for food in the morning, the type of foods you eat, and the amount. The type of workout/intensity also comes into play. The majority of the energy for your workout comes from your stored energy (glycogen); not the foods you just ate. These foods are probably still in your belly trying to digest.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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10/15/13 4:28 P

I basically roll out of bed and into the gym so eating something bigger than a couple of raisins doesn't really work for me because I'm generally still satisfied from what I ate the previous night. But like the PP said, you have to figure out what works for you, there's no right way to do it.

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10/15/13 4:12 P

You need energy to work out. Energy comes from calories. Therefore, eating before a workout = energy for exercise. That being said...many people find it difficult to exercise on a full stomach, myself included. You might need to experiment a little to see what works for you. I find that eating a hard-boiled egg before a race can really put a bounce in my step and doesn't make me feel gross when I run. Afterwards I'll have what would have been the other half of my breakfast, like whole wheat toast and some fruit to help me recover.

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10/15/13 3:48 P

Can someone please answer and explain the following:

Is it better to eat a small healthy breakfast before the morning workout or after? Why?

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