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1/30/15 11:29 A

Oh, and eggs benedict, though not the healthiest overall, is really good with tomato and spinach instead of traditional ham/canadian bacon.

BIKEHIKESKIGAL8 SparkPoints: (880)
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1/30/15 11:28 A

I like a slice of tomato, chopped bell pepper, and some sprouts and maybe red onion on my breakfast sandwich (egg on whole grain english muffin, slice of cheese).

Or another favorite is a quick 2-egg omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and goat cheese in side.

I also make breakfast crepes on occasion and these can be sweet or savory. One nice savory veggie-filled one is to use left-over roasted root vegetables, an egg, and a little bit of goat cheese inside a crepe - yummy.

STEELERGURL SparkPoints: (27,316)
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1/28/15 12:01 A

I usually add bananas or berries or tomatoes and mushrooms to my breakfasts

MIAMIRN SparkPoints: (70,420)
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1/26/15 4:59 A


I love omlets for breakfast. Today I had a mushroom, onion, green pepper and Mozzarella cheese omlette. I like Western Omlettes, too. They have tomatoes.

I like the idea of quiches.

I sometimes make steel cut Irish Oatmeal and top it with nuts, and strawberries and cinnamon. I put a pat of margarine on it, too.

Smoothies are nice and very healthy too!

Has anyone heard of Banana bread. You can make it with real bananas, vanilla. whole grain wheat an egg and walnuts and corn oil. What I do is bake a batch and put it in freezer vacuum bags. They freeze well and thaw easily. I put margarine on the warmed slice. It goes well with apple sauce or any fruit of choice. Not only that, it's healthy and nutritious!

I got myself hungry after this post. Lol.

emoticon emoticon

CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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1/12/15 7:49 A

omelet this morning with onions, spinach and mushrooms. Tomatoes on the side

DREAMQUILTS SparkPoints: (1,608)
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1/11/15 4:29 P

An easy way to sneak in a little extra veggies is by shredding them and adding them to a healthy muffin batter....zucchini muffins anyone?

CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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1/9/15 12:11 P

I don't eat a traditional breakfast often, so it is easy for me to have vegetables at breakfast time. Today I had cabbage and cauliflower soup for breakfast.

_VEGAN_MAMA Posts: 21
1/8/15 11:26 A

When we manage to get veggies in at breakfast, it is usually because I have either juiced or made a fruit smoothie and tossed in some carrots and spinach. Spinach doesn't impact the flavor whatsoever.

CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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1/7/15 11:59 A

had mixed vegetables and lots of chopped cabbage in chicken broth for breakfast

MILKYWAY515 Posts: 113
1/6/15 9:21 P

Some great ideas here; thanks!

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1/6/15 11:05 A

Today, I used beef bouillon, put in cole slaw mix and cooked it until it was just crunchy, added leftover vegetables from the fridge and put scallions on top. Excellent and filling.

STEELERGURL SparkPoints: (27,316)
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1/5/15 11:52 P

I will make scrambled eggs and throw in tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, etc into my eggs. I also will make home fries and cut up some onion to go with the potatoes. If I eat a Bagel, I will throw a few Spinach leaves onto the Bagel.

AERO_NERDETTE SparkPoints: (19,355)
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10/24/14 11:06 A

I love a good spinach and mushroom omelet with some salsa on top. I've also been known to make quiche and eat it for breakfast (totally yummy). You can put whatever you want in a quiche, and it's good for every meal. If I roasted potatoes the night before, I'll reuse them as home fries/hash browns in the morning just by reheating.

CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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9/21/14 8:47 A

This morning I had an omelet with scallions, mushrooms, celery, jalapeno's inside and tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce on the side. Fantastic!

A_NEW_NEANIE Posts: 1,964
9/20/14 10:01 P

I love asparagus at breakfast time!

CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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9/18/14 9:47 A

I cook extra veggies for supper and have them as left overs for breakfast some mornings. Today it was broccoli and brussel sprouts

MIAMUSE Posts: 401
9/17/14 10:24 A

I juice an all veg smoothie to go with my breakfast and save some for later. The nutribullet is great for that.

CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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9/15/14 8:39 P

sounds great!!!!

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,626)
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9/15/14 6:42 A

I am not a big breakfast eater. Sometimes I add canned pumpkin to my yogurt.

As Zorbs said, you don't have to eat breakfast type foods for breakfast. You could make extra veggies for dinner and eat them the next morning.

edit: This was on the recipe request board. I thought it was good. I used a whole egg instead of egg whites and just topped with a little bit of vanilla yogurt instead of making the icing.
2 Minute Pumpkin Pie
1/2 c. pumpkin puree
1/4 c. egg whites (from an egg or carton)
Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

Mix together all the ingredients. If you prefer a flan-like texture, add more pumpkin; if you prefer a cake-like texture, add more egg whites. Microwave for two minutes. Use a mix of Greek yogurt, hazelnut cream cheese, and pumpkin pie spice for the icing. Top with toasted pecans.
Makes one serving.

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WARMSTRONG2 SparkPoints: (281,857)
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9/14/14 12:58 P


CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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8/29/14 8:03 A

I do too! In the winter, I use a lot of jalapenos. It seems to keep me warmer. emoticon

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (112,323)
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8/28/14 9:01 A


CESPRINGALL SparkPoints: (187,746)
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7/26/14 7:42 A

I can can eat anything sweet in the morning. I usually have something left over from supper the night before. I make fresh salsa (tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cilantro) I have about half a cup with eggs or meat loaf or whatever.

MOM2MICKEY SparkPoints: (183)
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6/26/14 10:27 P

I am making 2 lunches in the a.m. (mine and Mickey's), and I usually include some raw vegetables to munch on, so it's easy to go 1 for the lunch box, one for me, 2 more for the lunch box,

Today for example, I was putting those little Persian cucumbers, which I love, in my lunch, and I had a couple of those. It does mean less variety but since I try and put a couple different veggies in there it works out.

REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (62,942)
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6/19/14 7:01 A

Thats a hard one, I love a sweet treat for breakfast-breakfast bar,ok

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (51,612)
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5/21/14 2:06 P

I add chopped spinach to scrambled egg whites and diced tomatoes when I have them. I often have a bowl of homemade veggie soup for breakfast. Spinach or kale can also be added to smoothies and you don't even notice.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (148,676)
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5/21/14 6:32 A

You don't necessarily have to eat breakfast food for breakfast. Sometimes I put cilantro in my oatmeal. Most of the time I eat fruit.

LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (154,266)
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5/20/14 1:18 P

Well, I don't see breakfast as that important to me, but...
I do add spinach and onion to an omelet!

5/20/14 11:02 A

I've heard of adding butternut squash puree to oatmeal. What tips do you have for adding veggies to the most important meal of the day?

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