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ANARIE Posts: 13,174
6/29/13 12:46 A

"does it mean because is hereditary that is not an issue?"

No, it means the opposite. Hereditary high cholesterol is usually more dangerous and is harder to take care of with diet and exercise. If it's hereditary, your body makes too much cholesterol; you're not getting it from food.

Diet and exercise help some people with hereditary high cholesterol, but some *have* to take medication. If you find that your cholesterol is still too high at your next doctor visit, it doesn't mean you haven't done what you should; it means that you have the hard kind of hypercholesterolemia. It might not be possible to avoid medication, but your hard work with diet and exercise will mean you can take a smaller dose.

TURQUINHA Posts: 130
6/28/13 8:49 P

well, 2 things, I love the avatar you have... I laugh like crazy.

second, I changed my breakfast as follows:

I skip the all bran; instead of 2oz of yogurt, I pour the raw oat in 6.7oz boiling water; I wait for 8/10 minutes, incredibly the oat fills the cup!

Today I tried with a bit of apricot juice mixed with the water

Fantastic... no more pain, some boated but expected.... Guys, fantastic!!! I thank you all for your notes... JUST ONE WEEK!!!! waw!!!

Of course, I already have an appointment with the nutritionist, but so far, I am soooo happy!!! :)

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6/24/13 4:35 P

I know that everybody is different, of course, but I just thought I'd mention... I have very few issues with dairy, but if I were to combine bran and yogurt, I'd feel like I was gonna explode shortly thereafter! emoticon

6/21/13 2:10 P

There are different kinds of cholesterol as well. The different types matter more than the total number.

TURQUINHA Posts: 130
6/21/13 12:53 P

agree, all my family has high cholesterol... still I am bit worried about it... does it mean because is hereditary that is not an issue? mmm not sure how that works...

you got the numbers down with exercise? did you do anything else??

thank you!!!

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
6/21/13 12:34 P

I agree with what has been said here.

I got my cholesterol numbers back and amazed at how high they are. I teach Zumba and walk and jog. Sometimes high cholesterol is just hereditary.

TURQUINHA Posts: 130
6/21/13 12:06 P

excellent suggestions!!! guys you totally rock!!

I will mix all your suggestions together... will use 5 oz boiled water, will skip the all bran, and will split it in 2 intakes!

I will also go to my doctor... point is that she's been trying to medicate me for the cholesterol thing and I am trying to avoid it... so I know that if I go with 234 she will totally medicate me instead of giving me a healthier solution...

6/20/13 9:15 P

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a key.
Do check out our sparkpeople: Heart Healthy Resource Center.

I also encouage you to contact your local hospital about seeing a Registered Dietitian or taking a heart healthy class at your hospital. National guidelines focus on total fat intake, saturated fat intake, carbohydrate intake, cholesterol intake, fiber intake, a complete assessment of your current habits could bring about the interventions you need. There is also the possibility that medication may also be needed. Talk to your doctor.
SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

ANARIE Posts: 13,174
6/20/13 9:14 P

Why raw oats? Why not cook them? It doesn't decrease the benefits if you eat oatmeal porridge instead of raw oats, and it might be a lot easier to digest.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,156
6/20/13 8:33 P

you may also want to try spacing out some of that. 2.5 oz of yogurt isn't a lot. especially when you are adding almost an equivalent volume of dry fiber. because if you are like me, i am a little on the dehydrated side when i wake up in the morning. and water is one of the things you need to get fiber through comfortably. the other thing is fat, which is likely not found in great quantity in your yogurt. so you're basically taking a large quantity of rather dry bits and trying to force it through a long twisty tunnel without enough to properly lubricate it.
so instead of doing that all at once, you might try having a Tablespoon or two of your dry with your choice of wet in the morning, another Tablespoon with lunch or with/as an afternoon snack, and perhaps another as an after dinner snack [use them as a crumble topping for fruit?]. this way there won't be such a bulk of it all at once, which will make it a little easier on the digestive tract.
if you want to have a greater bulk of fiber all at once, you may want to try more as an afternoon snack rather than a breakfast. by breakfast time all or at least most of what you ate yesterday is through your digestive tract. so your breakfast is forging the way a little. if you had that as a snack, it would have some of lunch to mix in with, again, so it's not this dry bulk trying to move through your system.

TURQUINHA Posts: 130
6/20/13 6:44 P

hi lazy guy :) thank you for your input!!! so... I do exercise quite a lot and doesnt seem to affect the overall cholesterol, yes I do have very good numbers on good cholesterol but the over all is on top of the max that is 200.

so Soluble fibers seems to be doing the trick... anything else??

I just want NOT to be medicated... that's all...

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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6/20/13 6:37 P

You don't have to eat oats and bran to lower cholesterol. In fact, recent research is showing that diet cholesterol is very unrelated to the kind measured in your body. Egg yolks, and leaner cuts of red meat have been shown to be just as effective for lowering cholesterol. Exercise is far more important in getting that number down. I'll come back with a boatload of sources and studies if I need to, just feeling lazy at the moment.

TURQUINHA Posts: 130
6/20/13 6:01 P

So maybe its not the oats but the all bran!??!!? even a small portion such as 1 tablespoon!? This is indeed good news!!! I will cut the all bran tomorrow!!!!

Awesome, I downloaded the pdf, will increase the soluble fibers then!!!

Thank you!!!


ps. any other tip is welcomed!!!!

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
6/20/13 5:56 P

It's possible that it's just your body adjusting to higher fibre, and will start to feel better after a few weeks. It is recommended that you increase fibre intake gradually (over a period of weeks), and increase your water intake at the same time.

The part of oats that is responsible for helping lower cholesterol is the soluble fibre, so other foods during your day that are also high in soluble fibre might help you. This is an older link, but I liked the way it was laid out:

Your All Bran is really high in insoluble fibre, and is more likely to be the culprit in your discomfort than the oats. You might want to consider starting your day with oatmeal and sliced apples (for the soluble fibre), and add in sources of insoluble fibre later in the day.

Hope this helps and that you get to feeling better soon!

TURQUINHA Posts: 130
6/20/13 5:40 P

Hi my friends,

I started this journey more than 3 years ago, and I love it... I learned so much, I feel so good... I cant even understand how I used to do it!!!

Now I am facing this situation...

Cholesterol is 234 and I was able to slow it down to 220 increasing the Oat portion from 1 tablespoon to 3.

Every morning is 3 tablespoon of raw oat and 1 tablespoon of all bran plus 2.5oz of yogurt.

I stopped 2 months ago as I noticed that I was bloated and in pain, all my lower muscles are as if I am about to explote!

then my cholesterol went high again... so... I need your help.

I am interested in lowering cholesterol. I walk 90 minutes 2/3 times a week plus go swimming 60 minutes 2 times a week, and I go biking for at least 180 minutes 1 time a week.

I eat nuts, salmon, shrimps, no fried food, tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, little butter, some diary, some pasta (not much, once a week)

I read that oat is awesome for cholesterol... and it did help me with almost a 10% decrease... but whenever I have oat + all bran + yogur I am in terrible pain... and bloated!!

I dont need to eat oat or all bran, I just need to have whatever might help me lower my cholesterol to less than 200 (please please, pretty please!!!)

On Monday I started on oat + all bran, and I am writing in terrible lower pain...

Ideas?? what can I do lo ease the pain? what else can I have instead of oat and all bran to feel better AND lower cholesterol??

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Turquinha :)

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