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11/11/12 12:54 P

I bake things in muffin cups on the weekend and then eat them through the week. I use silicone muffin cups so I don't need to spray them with anything and I don't need those paper cups.

This week I'm having baked cranberry pumpkin spice oatmeal:
il.asp?recipe=2292152&ff=1 (I will eat two each morning for about 320 calories and 11 grams of protein).

I also make little crustless quiches in muffin cups with egg whites, roasted vegetables and sometimes a little cheese. I have some in my freezer right now with roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini and feta. I like the idea of using a hash brown crust, which I first saw here:
own-egg-white-nests.html#more (I would brown the crusts a bit more AND cook all my vegetables first; I'd also skip the meat as I'm vegetarian.)

Stats: Female, 5'4", 28 years old.

Goal: From 152 (07/24/2011) to 125 by December, 2011. DONE! December 4th weighed in at 124. In 2012 I've been maintaining around 122, which is a thirty pound loss. My BMI has gone from 26.1 to 20.9 since following the Spark plan!

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11/11/12 9:03 A

I don't tend to hold to the breakfast foods only at breakfast time mindset. I've been known to eat stir fry for breakfast and an omelet for dinner =)

I also love fat free (or reduced fat) refried beans, with a little cheese and salsa in a low cal wrap. I find it very filling and tasty. I find if I eat that for breakfast, it will hold me until lunch.

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11/10/12 3:40 P

We have low calorie/high fibre wraps with beans/salsa and a little cheese inside often.

I used to use a protein powder shake over plain shredded wheat or puffed wheat/rice.

Ham and melon slices.

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11/10/12 2:42 P

I'm looking for some ideas for breakfast, but I'm a little stuck. I always seem to find myself in a rut when it comes to breakfast. I thought I would ask for advice for mix and match breakfast ideas.

Chobani 0% Greek yogurt (plain with honey/agave or flavored; I may even try 2% plain)
Chicken and Apple sausages
Fried eggs in coconut oil with fried sweet potatoes and apples (this one is AMAZING)
Kashi Original GoLean cereal
Eggs cooked in bread (toad in hole)

Any other suggestions? I like omlettes, but I'm interested in some other suggestions. I don't care for oatmeal- it doesn't fill me up), but I was even considering trying plain shredded wheat cereal, if I can find a way to flavor it and add some more protein.

I avoid nuts with my breakfast as I work in a nut-free environment and often have to bring breakfast to work.

Lissa Krisitne

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"You say, 'I am allowed to do anything'-but not everything is good for you. You say, 'I am allowed to do anything'�but not everything is beneficial."- 1 Corinthians 10:23 (NLT)

�I want to lose weight by eating nothing but moon pies, which have significantly less gravity than earthier foods such as fruits and vegetables.� -Jarod Kintz

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