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I use all purpose flour in my bread machine all the time and don't notice anything wrong with the bread. I dont think I've even purchased bread flour in my life. :-) Id say try it out and see if you like the result. It isn't going to hurt the bread maker...the only possible difference is a taste/texuture difference in the bread, Only you will be able to decide which you prefer.

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1/31/13 10:16 P

MyKidz are really going to get some use from your new "toy". I have wore out a few machines but have replaced them nicely with garage sale finds. Have fun.

I've made buns, rolls, and just dough for various things. Try different recipes too.

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Almost anything you make in that bread maker, at home, without the preservatives and extra crap you get from store bought bread, is going to be much healthier. Nuttier, whole grain stuff, home-made...yummy! Enjoy, and stop worrying :)

1/31/13 9:52 P

Thank you graham......I am hoping to use it to replace all of our bread eats.....rolls (which we eat at least twice a week, except me but the rest of my family), We buy two loaves of sliced bread a week (a family of 5, 1 toddler who loves pb&j,and then twice a week my 3 nieces as well), Most weeks we stop and buy french or garlic bread to go with dinner, and we like to make/order pizza probably every other weekend.....I know that bread may not be a huge part of our budget but every cent counts......I am still wondering though if i can use all purpose flour or if it is really necessary to use bread flour......o and thank you for the advice on the yeast! i had no idea

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1/31/13 9:48 P

Bread flour contains more gluten than "regular" flour. The various kinds of flours-- all purpose, cake, pastry, bread-- all have different amounts of gluten, so the end product will be light and fluffy or chewy or whatever.

You could try all-purpose and see if you like the result. I buy my bread flour in bulk at Sam's and then divvy it up into large ziplock bags and store it in the freezer. It's a lot cheaper than the 5 lb. sacks at the grocery store. I also get my yeast at Sam's in bulk, it is so cheap it's ridiculous. The kind I get doesn't need to be refrigerated until you open the 1 lb. package. I've got it stashed in a tupperware container in the fridge.

As for vital gluten, I've seen recipes that suggest adding it to whole wheat bread dough, to keep the loaf from being as crumbly as whole wheat can be. Many recipes for wheat bread include not only whole wheat flour, but also some bread flour (probably for the extra gluten?).

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1/31/13 9:40 P

Additionally I prefer King Arthur flour. No additives.

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1/31/13 9:38 P

I hope someone answers the question about vital gluten. I use bread flour and when using whole wheat I mix it with bread flour.

I have not found it more economical though but so much healthier and no chemicals and preservatives.

I have some tips for you.
1. Use fresh gets stale after a while. I keep mine in the freezer.
2. Slice the bread and freeze them a few per package so you can defrost only them. It keeps me out of trouble.

Have fun.

1/31/13 9:14 P

Hi all! My mothe gave me her bread machine as we have recently gone down to one income and i'm looking for all the ways i can to pinch pennies......anyways, my hubby is super excited to start using it and I am super worried (cause when it comes to bread, once I start i don't stop!! lol) Anywho, the actual reason for this post is I have a couple questions.....The booklet that came with my West Bend bread maker sayd to never use all purpose flour in place of bread flour in the machine.....but i though AP flour still contained this really something I can't do? My second question is does anyone here ever use vital gluten and make whole wheat bread? Does it make a huge difference and would you recommend it? Thanks bunches!!

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