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BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
11/3/12 12:10 A

I'm moving this material to my SP Blog because I'm in the quest stage, not results stage. If I figure it out and start getting results, I'll come back here and start up again.

Don't see a way to delete the journal, so I guess it will move on down the list as long as there is no activity.

If you want to follow the addict quest, please visit my SP blog.

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
11/2/12 3:38 P

No wonder we're addicted to ydnac and other unhealthy things. That weird word is spelled backwards. Because if I spell it forwards the ydnac advertisers will plaster visuals of ydnac all over my journal page like they have done at
And just in case you visit and they aren't there anymore, you missed 3 ads for ydnac whos name is 2 identical letters of the alphabet with a & in the middle.

If I am working to become addicted to nutrient dense foods, I want visuals of fruits and veggies around me, NOT ydnac!!

TV commercials have gotten so bad that I flip the channel everytime I see a food commercial. I hope I don't have to do the same thing at SP.

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JIBBIE49 Posts: 69,378
11/2/12 1:05 P

lots of hugs.

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
11/2/12 12:15 P


Besides the sunrise, the birds' morning song, the newness, I love the sharp shadows that are cast. I return from a morning walk, seeing every sharp shadow in contrast to the sun's bright light and I am inspired to paint when I get home. That fades a little while I'm preparing breakfast and eating, but that's okay. I can still recall those visuals of trees on the sidewalls of the house or spread out over the manicured lawns of the golf course.

I'm sure I'd be just as inspired if I had just taken a ride in a golf cart, but it wouldn't be the same.

Okay, I know I really need the morning walk, and then the morning sunrise playlist during breakfast. And I do those things as habits, no matter how rotten I might feel when I get out of bed. My day goes much better when I have those experiences to start my day.

So, will this goal of addiction to nutrient dense foods and sweaty workouts happen through the habits I develop?

It is interesting trying to wrap my thinking around the concept of actually trying to make myself addicted to something positive. I have certainly spent enough of my time working at battling addictions; first the cigarettes, then the sweets.

In fact that knowledge about myself made me stop drinking alcoholic beverages BEFORE an addiction could develop.

So what is the -12 step plan to bring about an addiction?? (that would be the negative 12 step plan, kind of like the opposite of AA's 12 step plan to control addiction.)

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
11/1/12 9:48 P

My Jeans don't Fit and that's a good thing.
I just took a SP quiz to see if I had a healthy respect for my body image. The final question asked me which of 3 actions I took if my jeans don't fit. The answer choices forced me into assuming I couldn't do them up.

Interesting that the SP body image quiz focused only on the negative.

But I recently had the lovely experience of having them fall down while they were done up. All 4 pair I had with me on vacation. So what do you do when jeans fall off? You jump up and down. You laugh!! You try a belt. You buy sexy suspenders. You gift the big jeans to someone else on your journey who is close to having their larger jeans fall off. You make a mental note of how great in feels to have them fall off and that it might be an activity to duplicate. You take a picture. You also pray it doesn't happen at work in front of 30 middle school students, however they probably wouldn't notice. You go SHOPPING for a pair that DO fit.

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
11/1/12 9:16 P

I have decided I'm going to track my journey toward becoming addicted to nutrient dense foods and sweat producing workouts.

I guess that also means that the addictions to sinful sweets and sitting in the recliner are extinguished. So I used to crave sweets (donuts, ANYthing with frosting, etc). That would have been okay if I went in to Mr. Donut and bought only one donut. But I'd buy half a dozen. And eat them all myself. Or smelling chocolate frosting would send me on a "sweet frenzy."

I became addicted to sitting in the recliner after the cancer diagnosis in 2007. And surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and 2 more major surgeries in 2008-9 AND chemotherapy that continued from Nov. 2007 until Nov. 2011. Sitting up in the recliner was a step up to all the recuperating in bed. It was better scenery than the bedroom when dealing with fatigue or pain.

But all of that is over. I have had clear PET scans since 2009. Life is good. Except for all the weight I gained. I know. I didn't lose my hair, either. Not what you'd expect for a cancer survivor. But I blame it on the steroids themselves, and the fact that I always felt hungry.

So I want to be healthy. Eating nutrient dense foods is one aspect of my idea of a requirement of transforming into a body of HEALTH instead of sickness.

As long as I stay at home, I am very happy eating nutrient dense foods, shunning processed, enriched, chemical filled, sugar laden, fat charged foods. I don't even think of them.

I think the true test will be the next two months with the holiday opportunities to present a dearth of nutrient dense foods.

One sign I am on the right track is that I no longer stress over what to fix for meals.
Another, I'm checking to see if I have enough veggies for Saturday.
Another, I was frustrated because the bananas at the store were either bright green and hard or brown and mushy. AND I WANT (NEED?) bananas for a smoothie tonight.

Now as for the sweat-producing workouts, I don't think I'm anywhere near even approaching exorcising (spelled wrong on purpose) because I want to. Intellectually, I know my body NEEDS to workout. But I don't think there's anything intellectual about addiction. Perhaps physical, or emotional, or spiritual.

So intellectually, the decisions I make to exercise are to provide my body with what It needs, but there is no passion about the activity.

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't miss my morning walk. But not because of an emotional high I get because I walked my buns off. I would miss the sunrise, the newness, the people I meet and greet, the birds' morning song.

In Sept. I was in training for a virtual 5 K when a foot problem prompted my podiatrist to pull me off of the walking circuit. But everytime the training upped the ante for distance, I was amazed that I could do it, and then do it in less time than the last time. When I logged in the 2 miles at one time, I realized that I had never walked 2 miles at one time before in my life. That was a real high.

Perhaps exercising will become something I NEED EMOTIONALLY after my new orthotics come in and the podiatrist gives me the all clear to be active again.

And then there are the compression stockings. They make me break out in a sweat, but that's not the kind of proof of addiction I'm looking for.

I want to Really Want to Do exercise. My inner child remembers being skinny and being very active. So I try to incorporate the kinds of things I did as a kid-biking, hula hooping, water activities. Forget the pogo stick, but I could do a rebounder. I hate the noise of a treadmill. I haven't given up on hula-hooping but I just don't feel the love for continuously picking it up off the driveway. I love the pool but currently just do strenuous treading and aerobics when there. It helps leg circulation and tones everything. But I love it because of the water, not the activity or benefits.

One sign that addiction might be looming on the horizon is that it rained today when I had scheduled to go to the pool, and I was very upset.

Another sign is that I was able to go an hour later, and I did my usual treading/aerobic schedule. AND I broke into actually swimming a couple of laps and I didn't die of a heart attack!!

So today I walked for 40 minutes, and went swimming for 30 despite how cold it was when I got out. No sweating for either activity, but I DID have fun.

And that might be the vehicle to get to the ADDICT stage: approach it from the fun angle. Swimming, biking, rebounding are fun. Focus on the fun and see if I get closer to being addicted to the activity!!

I'll tell you what I AM addicted to: Putting on something in my closet an it doesn't fit. Seeing the scale go down another half pound. Spark people doesn't register a half pound, but for me, I visualize another 2 sticks of butter melting in a frying pan. And that's a wonderful thing.

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