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11/13/12 5:29 P

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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11/13/12 4:46 P

+1 to what Bubble said.

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11/13/12 3:02 P

The easiest way would be to create a grouping

1. Go into your workout tracker
2. Click on the grouping tab
3. Click 'Create new exercise grouping'
4. Follow the steps to add multiple exercises

When you want to track you can just add that grouping (found under the grouping tab) into your tracker. This is how I track my ST and I find it works for me.

NEWMEBOB SparkPoints: (565)
Fitness Minutes: (1,012)
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11/13/12 2:11 P

I signed up for Gold's Gym and part of what I do is a series of 12 machines for specific muscle groups. How would I put that into my exercise for the day?

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