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SUEINF SparkPoints: (104)
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3/9/13 9:48 P

I think it is harder for whatever reason. Maybe it's our metabolism slowing down, our activity slowing, old habits showing back up or just our will power, I don't know which. I do think it's possible though we just need motivation to overcome whatever stands in the way.

NEWLIFE51 Posts: 74
3/8/13 7:39 P

I am just getting back to Sparkpeople, having gained back the weight I lost about 3 years ago using the site. Sigh...looking for inspiration and motivation. And looking to offer it where I can! It does seem to be harder at 55 than it was at 50!

SUEINF SparkPoints: (104)
Fitness Minutes: (80)
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3/2/13 8:24 P

Thanks, I have been looking around and found the log of what food we ate for the day. Discovered that I am not eating enough or as often as I guess I should so maybe that is one of my problems so far. Will have to work on that and get a system going where I eat a meal then snack then meal and so forth. I suspect that I wait too long to eat during the day then am starved and tend to eat too much.
Thanks for your encouragement, that means a lot

CYND59 Posts: 7,691
3/2/13 7:56 P

Welcome! I love Sparkpeople. It is a wonderful way to connect with others that are going through some of the same issues as you are. So much support and motivation here.

FAWNZIB SparkPoints: (10,643)
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3/2/13 7:41 P

emoticon Enjoy the articles,and the teams. I have been here over a month and half and am losing weight like I should by logging what I eat.This is where sparks has helped,I hope the same for you!

SUEINF SparkPoints: (104)
Fitness Minutes: (80)
Posts: 5
3/2/13 3:42 P

Hello everyone, I'm a 69 y/o lady that is just starting with a goal of losing 31 lbs.
My ability to exercise is limited due to some health and joint issues but I do belong to a gym (just have to get the motivation to go) where I can exercise in the water and light exercise on the machines. I am looking for a buddy that is similar in age and issues hopefully so we can work together toward our goal.
So far I love this site and have seen lots of helps and a lot of excellent posts of others working to their goal. Any suggestions and support would be gratefully appreciated.

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