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3/23/13 12:50 P

post in either if it's a hybrid topic, no biggie.

the lack of traffic might be a good point, though SP ran consolidated boards even when this website was bumping

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3/23/13 12:37 P

In my experience, people around here sometimes have a hard time finding the right board to post in. Heck, I see nutrition posts here all the time.

Because strength training and cardio are two sides of the same coin, and oftentimes people will learn inadvertently about one or the other from a post here, I don't know that splitting it off would be helpful. I'm also not sure if there's enough traffic here to warrant two separate boards. :) It also happens that sometimes you can't separate a question about one or the other. For example, if you want to know what order to do cardio and strength training in, which board would you post in?

Plus, people tend to be intimidated by strength training; having it all here has often helped a lot of people be less afraid of it!

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3/23/13 12:33 P

it'd be easy to create branches for the fitness & exercise category. minimally, 1. cardio; 2. strength training. would be helpful in navigating. thoughts?

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