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COOKIEAZ SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 102
4/14/10 1:28 A

good idea- sign me up. maybe get points.

SUNSHINE084 Posts: 4,464
4/9/10 6:30 P

It is good for any age level. Always exercise your brain.

KAYE454 Posts: 3,470
4/5/10 9:58 P

I think this is great idea many days my brain is on freeze.

FSURACHAEL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,836)
Posts: 706
4/5/10 8:56 P

Great idea! Anything to help keep me sharp. emoticon

SUZYMARC SparkPoints: (120,688)
Fitness Minutes: (131,965)
Posts: 7,130
4/5/10 8:14 P

I'd give a Brain Trainer a try, what the heck. I love doing the trivia challenge every day since even if my score isn't the greatest I am always learning something new. Any time you can add to your knowledge and retain all that information is a good thing. I pass on my little bits of knowledge to my son as random health info which he then pass along to his friends. Bring on the Brain Trainer since its a muscle that needs to be worked daily too. emoticon

JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (189,035)
Fitness Minutes: (34,227)
Posts: 12,117
3/30/10 11:30 P

I don't have great success with the trivia every day, but I am game for this one!

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be significant.
- Dave Dravecky

There can be no great accomplishment without risk - Neil Armstrong
FRAN0426 SparkPoints: (245,850)
Fitness Minutes: (127,851)
Posts: 17,101
3/30/10 10:43 P

sounds interesting

3/11/10 10:25 A

I'm all for it! Great idea!!

TDHFIFTY Posts: 275
3/7/10 10:55 P

I vote a big YES to this suggestion! And you should earn 5 - 10 points for doing it daily as well!

JIM1MICHAEL2 Posts: 3,142
3/7/10 3:40 P

Please, Please. Help us stay sharp so we can be at least as smart as our kids. emoticon

Michael's Mom
12/6/72 - 2/23/73

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- Exodus 25:30

The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.
- Jean Paul Richter

PRINCESS895 Posts: 286
3/4/10 1:18 P

Great Idea!!! It would also be great to have questions beginning from kindergarten level up to graduate level.

I get mental blocks sometimes with simple questions such as "1x1" or "What are the primary colors?". I guess we're just so used to dealing with more complicated problems at home or at work that we tend to forget the basics.

I hope to see this feature soon.

Take care everyone. Have a great week!

A_SPARKLING Posts: 825
3/3/10 5:04 A

I would love to see this too! emoticon ....being alert, bright and making good decisions can only help with the weight loss and other day to day things!

Little steps, little healthy steps,little steps,little healthy steps,....
JUST_TRI_IT SparkPoints: (61,691)
Fitness Minutes: (73,906)
Posts: 5,260
3/2/10 12:41 P

Great idea!!

GERPAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,512)
Posts: 1,198
3/2/10 11:36 A


3/2/10 10:16 A

I love a good brain workout!! =D

Are you investing your time or just spending it?

HANSEEN SparkPoints: (16,607)
Fitness Minutes: (13,944)
Posts: 845
3/1/10 12:00 P

Sounds like it might be fun.

Everyday is a new day
ZORGLUBB Posts: 347
3/1/10 11:18 A

ooohhH! that would be so great! Give me a sudoku every day and I promise to keep my brain in top shape!

SEAWITCHBLUE SparkPoints: (45,640)
Fitness Minutes: (56,910)
Posts: 2,279
3/1/10 6:56 A

There are already so many daily challenges on the SparkPoints page that I hesitate to suggest another one.
However, would it be possible to put in a wee brain trainer, along the lines of the Trivia questions.
Spark Points concentrates on Nutrition and Fitness but I think that fitness of the brain ( see is also important - especially for Seniors and retired folk.
Just a suggestion - I'd be interested to hear other views.

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