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BRITTDANI Posts: 406
2/9/12 3:18 P

I have ALWAYS had this problem. A few weeks ago, I started taking a spoonful of Metamucil Orange every morning. Works wonders. I go at around the same time EVERY single morning now. And the best part is, it's pure plant fiber, so it's good for everyone to take, not just people with bowel problems. I would highly recommend taking a fiber supplement daily. It may take a few days to start working though. Good luck either way.

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2/8/12 3:39 P

I find that once I start eating properly the frequency and the volume of my movements are much lower. It takes a while to get used to it. I always figured it was becuase I was putting less crap in so there was less to come out.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,180
2/8/12 2:36 P

I agree with MissRuth. For me, the only thing consistent about my bowel movements is that they are always changing.

One tiny little shift in something and BANG, go at a different time, sometimes not at all, sometimes 5 times in one day. Okay body, make up your mind.

Then I will be regular for a while, then not, then on, then not.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,261
2/8/12 1:51 P

Any time I make a big change in my eating habits (less fatty food, more fats (whether healthy or not) more fiber, less fiber, less caffeine, too many onions, too much cheese, being away from home and eating out more often) it seems like my digestion gets a little out of whack, one way or the other.

Try not to let it discourage you! This too shall pass (pardon the pun!). If the problem persists or you get really uncomfortable, you should probably talk to your doctor. When I quit smoking, I had a real problem with what you're talking about and my doctor gave me a list of things to try which really helped.

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2/8/12 11:31 A

Thanks Archimedes,

I'm not concerned about anything being "wrong". I'm just a person of habit and this "negative feedback" is a bit disheartening. It's been happening every since I cleaned up my act aka joined sparkpeople on Jan 4th.

I'm experimenting by upping my healthy fats slightly, as with a the body's natural 5% malabsorption of fats, a very low fat diet may be working against me in this regard.

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2/8/12 10:12 A


There may not be anything wrong with you. When a person changes their daily diet, that could effect their bowel movements. How long have you been having issues ? If it's only been a few days, your body may just be adjusting to the changes you've made to your diet. The fact is, if you're eating less, less will come out.

However, could you be experiencing some bloating ? Sure. You could be retaining water for many different reasons. TOM tends to be a common cause of water retention in women. I do know that when I started eating more high fiber foods, I did seem a bit clogged for a few days. That did pass (pardon the pun) once my body adapted to my improved eating habits.

What to do ? If you're concerned, talk to your doctor. give them a call to get their opinion.

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2/8/12 7:29 A


While SparkPeople is a wonderful community of support and encouragement, when it comes to specific questions related to one's healthy, you may want to contact your doctor to see if what you are experiencing is normal for you or should be of some concern. Your doctor is most familiar with you and can do a full assessment if necessary to determine what is going on.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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2/8/12 1:10 A

Hello all,

I used to be a very regular person, eyes open 30 minutes and time to go.
Ever since I have cleaned up my diet I have been going every 4-5 days or so without nearly the same volume. My diet has whole grains only, lots of veggies, low fat dairy, lean meats. I get healthy fats from olive oil and almonds. I also drink tonnes of water. I have no idea what I am doing wrong here.

I only felt like I fully "emptied the tank" after 3 days of eating poorly while at home (Mom's cooking will get you every time.)

I realize that since I'm eating way less preservatives and other crap that my digestive system should become more efficient...but this is a bit much. I have no GI conditions or FHx. Please help.

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