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MINDY_SUE Posts: 2,202
1/22/11 5:27 P

SMALLWHITEDOGS - my daughter has an Enell and she loves it! She calls it her bulletproof vest!

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1/22/11 4:12 P

I'm a 38 G and cannot say enough good things about the ENELL!!!!!

I can run, jump, do anything in this bra and my boobs do not move.

Worth every penny.

DISPATCHERGURL SparkPoints: (111)
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1/22/11 12:22 P

love my under armor ones - I'm too cheap to buy them, so my hubby gets them for me at obscure gift holidays -- easter baskets, stocking stuffers and my birthday! LOVE THEM!

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
1/22/11 11:59 A

This is a great thread. I hate running because I hate the bounce! I'll have to take a look at the bras suggested in this thread!

EGRIER99 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/22/11 11:17 A

This is a constant issue for me thanks for posting the question.... emoticon emoticon

JDBD17 SparkPoints: (24,539)
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12/5/10 8:42 A

I wear a Glamorise No-Bounce Camisole Bra. I LOVE it!!!

I get them at Catherine's.

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BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
12/5/10 12:40 A

Sounds like you just haven't found the right bra yet. I'm a D cup and I wear an Under Armour bra that is designed for high-impact sports. When you're bra shopping, look for the tags that say "high impact."

FASTERMOMMY SparkPoints: (0)
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12/4/10 9:54 P

Enell!!! It rocks!

BIJOUX7 Posts: 790
7/15/10 9:22 P

Moving comfort Fiona. I am still a DD despite loosing 12 lb. :(
Fiona locks and loads the girls and they do not move while I run

BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
7/15/10 8:19 P

I have never thought to wear 2 at a time...I am gonna grad an Under Armour bra tomorrow!!! I am only a c/d but man I hurt when I run...especially during that time of the month...great thread!

THATS_LOVELY101 Posts: 603
7/15/10 6:49 P

I completely agree with several of the ladies who posted earlier. I will never understand why someone would want to carry such a heavy burden on their chest WILLINGLY. I wear a 36DD and before my daughter was born 2 years ago I was only a 36C. Back then I held the same opinion and NEVER wanted them to get any larger. I am hoping they will at least go back to a D with my weight loss. Part of the reason I feel so anxious about working out is the bounce. Under Armor is a very good durable brand, I think I would rather buy something that will last me for a long time than something that is cheap and will only last a year or so. Just my opinion.

JCWATL SparkPoints: (43,586)
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7/15/10 5:30 P

I have to double up. The bottom one is an underwire style (I think Champion $25ish from Kohls) and the top is a compression style (from TJ Maxx - $9).

It is the only thing that works for me and it works perfectly. I thought that it was stupid and that a good quality bra could fix it...but I couldn't find it. The underwire supports from below and then the compression one squishes it all down.

SUMSUMS SparkPoints: (14,457)
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7/15/10 1:40 P

I wear a good running sports bra, and i buy it a little to small. It does leave a few red marks for a few hours after a run, but it stops them from bouncing all over. I am a DD

KAREN42BOYS SparkPoints: (104,948)
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7/15/10 12:27 P

i'm a DDD, and i tried the enell, and it was just not comfortable at all for me.

that said, the running store yesterday had the fiona bras, i tried one on, fell in love, and weeeeeeeeeeee, it was great running with it on last night!

SHERRYJVP Posts: 1,204
7/13/10 7:37 P

I don'tknow whether or not to be envious or not. I have some bounce..just from being old. Good luck!

RVKING Posts: 13
7/13/10 6:25 P

If your are big busted....Enell Sports Bra is the BEST!!!! I'm a 38F and used to run in this....girls didn't move a smidgen! It's called "The Last Resort" on I've also worn the Champion Double Dry Action Shape...still do sometimes. It keeps the girls from bouncing, but it also can give the uni-boob look too.
They need support or the muscles will break down and your girls will be visiting your knees before their time!!

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
7/13/10 2:58 P

I wear two high impact bras and a tank with built in bra and their is no bounce.

7/13/10 11:23 A

Freya makes a real kick butt sports bra in sizes D-H. I don't have one yet, but I've heard so much good stuff about them. I wear a D or DD and need the support to keep from bouncing everywhere.

I like Moving Comfort bras. My current ones are all Moving Comfort. I have one that I walk in (not supportive enough for running, but it is for walking) that doesn't have underwires. The others have underwires.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
7/13/10 8:18 A

i bought some amazing sports bras from both victoria secret and champion. i'm a DD, and i love that champion have ranges of support, from low to max, for different sizes. sometimes, depending on the workout i am doing, i will wear 2 sports bras, or one that is slightly smaller than i normally wear, and that really gives me enough supports to make it through.

ALPHACHICK64 Posts: 60
7/12/10 12:59 P

What an eye opening experience! I have never worn an underwire bra. Since my surgery for the first time in my life I've been enjoying going braless or really just wearing for modesty purposes. When I work out I've been wearing "work out" bras or tanks with the shelf bras. I didn't realize that most women need "hi impact" bras for running, etc... I tried on every "hi impact" bra at the mall, Dick's and an outlet center. To my surprise a Champion Hidden Underwire U back seemed to do the trick! I ran this morning and for the first time didn't hold my arms to my chest. I RAN pumping my arms and all, just like a big girl :) I really appreciate all the advice! emoticon

7/9/10 5:25 P

I have a couple of Champions that I got at Kohl's -- they both have underwires and they work pretty well for me. I was a 38DD and now am down to more like a 36C-D. I've thought about the under armours but they are expensive... the nice thing about the Champion ones is that they are sometimes on sale, so even though they're normally $40+ you can sometimes get them for like half price (I want to say I ended up spending like $25 each).

My biggest suggestion is to get one with an underwire, make sure it says it is designed for high impact and try on a ton of them until you find one you like.

AUPHENIX SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 76
7/9/10 5:20 P

Wearing a bathing suit top (one that has some support to it)with thicker straps that tie around the back of my neck under an additional sports bra keeps everything in place for me

ALPHACHICK64 Posts: 60
7/9/10 5:11 P

I'm going bra shopping tomorrow! emoticon

7/7/10 10:46 P

This is a great question I am a DD and my daughter wears a DDD. I have learned a lot from this one question. Thanks for posting it.

7/7/10 10:16 P

Having been a DD in the Navy and having worked on all male psych units plus all male prison units what worked best for me was to buy a very good comfortable support bra.

You might want to look at something like Glamorize. It usually runs about 50 or 60 dollars but if you check places like Blair and also One Stop Plus [on the net] you can find them on sale for as cheap as 5 bucks. My last 5 cost me 25 dollars no shipping.

The provide no underwire but have a cloth support and also excellent strong material that while it stretches for a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat, doesn't give enough to turn you into Helga the Bouncing clown. I have NOT bounced while running up 7 flights of steps down two football fields and taking someone down to the floor, fighting with them and dragging them to the side room. And trust me if I did, I would have HEARD IT. From the inmates and from the staff.

AND I stayed in place. Unlike my one female coworker who always had to yank something back into place after a fight because both breasts would either end up on one side or be is some stranger configuration. And yes she heard about it but her reply was "These are VERY GOOD SPORTS BRAS" well yeah honey but I'm not the one getting snickered at.

Every sports bra I have ever tried had me bouncing. They don't have the support of the Glamorize nor do they have the comfort and ease.

In my next lifetime I either better be a guy or a AAA cup.

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1LATTE4ME Posts: 20
7/7/10 9:49 P

Best sports bra place EVER:

Size A to DDD...

ALPHACHICK64 Posts: 60
7/7/10 9:13 P

That's just what I was looking for! I'll incorporate into my walk/run tomorrow! I actually had a breast reduction 7 months ago. I went from a g to c/d and I thought I'd finally be able to run... while it's obviously much easier than before I still don't have the "freedom" I thought I would. Thanks for all the advice - I'll try some high impact bras!

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LOGICALLIE SparkPoints: (50,312)
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Posts: 1,485
7/7/10 5:06 P

I wear a high-impact sports bra with a sports tank with a built-in bra. This keeps all of my wobbly, bouncing parts in check.

JBARBER1953 Posts: 297
7/7/10 4:55 P

I'm with you luelue. I've never comprehended the enhancement!!!! I also am ddd. I have several sport bras and if I'm at home I'll use the cheaper ones and double them. Not as good as the Moving Comfort zip up and Moving Comfort MIA which actually is like a normal bra.

SONJAJONES1970 Posts: 54
7/7/10 4:50 P

Lots of great ideas. I never thought about wearing 2, but I'm gonna do that first and then as I get more into the running I will put out the money for one of the bras discussed.

ASYNJA Posts: 207
7/7/10 4:22 P

I love my enell, but I think I'm going to pick up an Endure or two ;)

JASCAR Posts: 226
7/7/10 2:48 P

I'm a DD and have been pretty happy with a couple of champion bras I have.

NOLAXAP SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,542)
Posts: 26
7/7/10 2:40 P

I'm a 36G, and I CANNOT run. The bounce is not only uncomfortable, it's downright painful. I've tried multiple bras (both different kinds, and more than one bra at once), and nothing works.

I've had to give up on running, and do different kinds of cardio. Biking, dancing, elliptical training, etc.

My cup size doesn't seem to go down with my weight (I've lost over 40 lbs over the past three to four years, and they've gotten BIGGER during that time). So, when I get down to my goal weight, I'm asking my doctor to set me up with a plastic surgeon and having them reduced. Then, look out! I'm going to run EVERYWHERE!

7/7/10 11:05 A

I thought about the Under Armor, then randomly found a Hanes bra that worked wonders! Go to, look for the high impact sports bras. I don't remember price, but I think they are around 15-20 apiece, but totally worth it! I bought three, I might get a little movement, but I've come to expect that from DD's myself. Very comfortable and very affordable! (Don't use those store boughts, unless they say High Impact! ICK!)

BREEZY85 Posts: 1,372
7/7/10 9:43 A

i'm a c which isn't that big but it's enough for discomfort, i bought under armour sports bras and that eliminated all bounce i love em!

QUANNA76 Posts: 969
7/7/10 9:42 A

Look at the support type some actually say medium support some say maximum support. You can still get a decent bra from Walmart and buying a size small sometimes will help with that I found as long as its comfortable to you.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
7/7/10 9:37 A

I'm the same cup size. I buy cheap sports bras and wear two at a time. I get a little bounce, but it's not uncomfortable or obscene. I'll trade that for saving $40.00 on an expensive bra. I'm pretty cheap like that.

TIME2BLOOM4ME SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (84,670)
Posts: 5,104
7/7/10 9:32 A

I wear moving comfort zip up bra.

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
7/7/10 9:14 A

I'm a D cup and a runner. I wear Under Armour and I don't have any bounce at all.

LUELUE1971 Posts: 1,342
7/7/10 8:04 A

I am a DDD as well. I've never thought about wearing 2 sports bras. I will try that. I HATE the bounce.

I'm hoping they go down again when I lose this weight.

I can't fathom why anyone would get breast enhancements :o)

INTIRB Posts: 195
7/7/10 3:26 A

best sports bra EVER. worth the money - you will not be disappointed. i used to wear two sports bras at once until i found this one

i'm pretty sure it's available in other sizes but maybe just not on the under armour website

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
7/6/10 11:21 P

The top I have on is actually a sports bra- these bras have eased my skin back into place just nicely and if I have to run- absolutely no bounce..

KELLYM728 Posts: 86
7/6/10 10:36 P

Hands down, Moving Comfort Fiona. When I wore a 36D, this bra stopped me from budging at all. As an added bonus, it it shaped enough to prevent uniboob without the underwire!

JACKIEB825 Posts: 82
7/6/10 6:48 P

I'm with Draculisa on this - I wear a good sports bra PLUS one of those tight tanks with a built in sports bra. Only way it seems to make them not move at all.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 46,222
7/6/10 6:29 P


There are some die-hard Chi runners, but most of the info I have read from the experts in the field is that it is no better for you than working on good form. This doesn't mean Chi running is bad, but remember we are all an experiment of one so what works for me, may or may not work for you.

Below is a link to an article that I wrote for SparkPeople about running form and technique. I hope this helps!


ALPHACHICK64 Posts: 60
7/6/10 6:17 P

In addition to a bra specific to running any tips on running technique? I've heard about chi running... it may sound silly but I've never had running instructions and wonder if I should "shuffle" my feet more... I really appreciate the advice :)

7/6/10 6:17 P

I am a DDD and I have to put on two sports bras. They stay compressed and don't budge. I put on a XL, then a LG on top of it. I could never find one in a store to contain these things!

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
7/6/10 6:02 P


A good sports bra that is designed for runners. I am a c cup and wear a Champion model designed for runners. Check at your local running specialty stores, they should have a variety to choose from.


SONJAJONES1970 Posts: 54
7/6/10 5:59 P

I'll be checking back for some respones to this too and just know that you are not alone when it comes to this. Nothing seems to be working for me either.

ALPHACHICK64 Posts: 60
7/6/10 5:37 P

Is there a specific way to move that will lessen bouncing breasts while running? I have tried all kinds of sports bras but still am uncomfortable with the bouncing. I am a c/d cup. I've been doing interval training and want to incorporate more running with my walking. While some may find my question comical, it is not for me.

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