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3/6/14 10:38 A

Awesome job!

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3/2/14 11:29 P

Great job! I heard somewhere that you should throw away your large size pants so that you will never feel tempted to fit in them again. I actually kept my lower size jeans. I use them to measure my progress and to deter me from having to wear sizes that are for a larger me.

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3/2/14 6:54 A

Great progress!

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3/1/14 1:01 P

I had a similar situation. I had bought a new pair of jeans right around Christmas and when I went to put them on I realized I had lost enough I had to exchange them for a smaller size. I bought them through the mail so I had to wait for them to receive them and send a smaller size. It turned out these are now too big also. I guess I will just keep them and when they get so big I can't wear them I will just find some more. Wow! Never expected this. Congrats to all who are having success and for anyone struggling I hope the many successes will help keep you encouraged. Good Luck!

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2/28/14 1:10 P

Amazing!!! Awesome news!

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2/28/14 10:33 A

Isn't that just the BEST feeling?
Huge congrats! You're doing it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

WDWCHICK Posts: 755
2/25/14 10:14 P

That's awesome! Such a great feeling.

BJF2008 Posts: 669
2/25/14 9:40 P

Great job! emoticon I put a pair on today that hasn't fit in awhile! I was super excited so I know how you must feel!

2/25/14 9:11 P

That is wonderful.

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2/25/14 8:27 P

It feels fantastic, doesn't it? Strut your stuff in your new jeans!

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2/25/14 4:04 P

I had to buy some new jeans because my old pair kept falling off of me. For some reason I still kept trying to wear them despite the fact they were falling off because no matter how much weight I had lost and was continuing to lose, I didn't think I had lost enough to warrant a smaller size. Well, I was wrong!

I'm down a pants size!! Woohoo! Goodbye size 12 and hello size 10!

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