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6/27/13 10:59 P

I've been loving on beets lately too! Borscht, I know it well (Ukranian background) and "Aunty Pauline's Christmas Eve Borscht Recipe" used to be the ONLY way I would consume a beetroot (though I would eat steamed beet greens). But suddenly, I've discovered they are pretty good just as they are. A few days ago I even grated one RAW into my kale-carrot salad.

Yay beets! I just wish they weren't so darned messy....

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6/27/13 9:19 P

My husband is an awesome cook and he made this for the first time tonight, 2 cups had a very reasonable log in dinner number and it is loaded with fresh beets. I have hated beets my entire life but absolutely love them fresh, I am excited that there is no longer a vegetable I hate anymore. I love eating healthy and feel so much better when I do.

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