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RYANNKA Posts: 23
1/7/13 9:19 P

Just turned fifty in June. Wow where has time gone? Find that I am a bit slower and not quite as strong as when I was twenty/thirty. But still trying to give it all I got and sweating just as much. Keep up the great work to all other 1962 babies!

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1/7/13 3:31 P

I just turned 51 at Christmas. I was born in 1961

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1/7/13 2:19 P

Hi, turned 50 in May 2012, but it's time I stopped using the excuse of no metablolism, old, etc. to not do what I need to do. I'm ready.

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12/21/12 5:00 P

Where's my just turned 50 this year buddies who know it's time to GET SERIOUS ABOUT OUR HEALTH!!!

Holla :)

"Commit thy works onto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.", Proverbs 16:3

I love this scripture because it tells me that if I live according to God's ways I don't even have to think for myself.... How easy is that :-)

Be not afraid of going slowly;
be afraid only of standing still

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