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Hello Debbi...I was born in 58 too!! hehe. Yes, i miss the 70s, and the 80s too...when my kids were small I was fulfilled. I guess my weight just steadily picked up over the years from unhealthy eating. Also had a hysterectomy at about 41. At 42 I also had a nervous breakdown...lost a lot and then we moved to the middle east...and this is where you pick up just by drinking the water!! or so it seems. ;) SO in the last 11 yrs I have put on 13 kgs. Sorry...don't work in lbs, hehe. (I'm from South Africa.) I really MISS my kids in South Africa and one in Australia. Makes my heart pain.
After seeing my mom suffer earlier in the year, before she passed away, with not being able to do anything for herself, I realised I just can't let that happen to me...and I was well on my way to it, becoming overweight and being totally inactive! I was stressed out, miserable and had just given up a very lucrative job, but one that was driving me to a heart attack!!
THen I found SP! I was overjoyed!! Since I've been on SP (June this year) I've managed to lose about 6kgs. I feel good..although right now I'm on a plateau again, and going thru a stressful period at the mo doesn't help my dietary resolve.
I struggle a little with strength training, but I do what I can...3 x p wk. :) My hubby and I walk about 4 kms 4 times a week.
So...plod on SP friend...little by little. Hope you have family supporting you too. If not, we will! I wish you well and know that you will reach your target!! You go gal!! :D

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So I have hit the "over the 1/2 century mark" approximately 80-100 pounds overweight. First it was the hysterectomy at 39 when I was told by a co-worker that I would develop weight problems. Naturally I did not believe her. In fact I was able to maintain a weight between 140-145 for several years following the hysterectomy and I was somewhat comfortable with my weight (although I would have loved to have been 130). The turning point for me was a slight nervous breakdown and prescribed 300mg/day of zoloft. Within one year I gained over 80 lbs. Through therapy, change in medical doctor and therapist, I am much better and on a different medication at quite a lower dosage, but I am still struggling to get the weight down. I am looking forward to reviewing the posts and joining in the discussions of our "unique" age group. Oh how I wish I were back in the 70's when life was much easier and thinner. What do you think???? emoticon

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